Early 2010 me and friends made fun lan parties playing Aoe2. Tried all the modes but we only liked regicide.
HD edition kicks in and we started playing against others online. Hell of a fun time.
Years pass, we move for study/work but still playing together online.
DE gets announced, we were all hyped.
DE gets out, no Elo, only Random map has a ranking system.
We try Rm but it’s not fun for us.
We create custom lobbies for regicide but people leave mid/early game because there is no Elo loss, also nobody can see Elos so we were always ending up with too strong players or weak ones.
We go back to HD for a bit but finding players has got harder.
We stop playing.
Over a year has passed now.
I still check regularly if regicide has got any consideration but nothing serious.
Only pain remains.

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