Region specific Random map options. To be added in next Update

Good day, I love playing aoe in the most Historical cense possible.
I play single player games reinacting actual historical battles and empires.
I have created a mod: Historical Accuracy pt1 and pt2 that gives each civ appropriate units skins to to me these small things are important.

When aiming to reinact a battle in the desserts of the Levant/North Africa , selecting Arabia gives me about 25% chance of actually getting what I need.
If I need grasslands, I want grasslands, if I need desert, then I want dessert, same goes for Jungles, snow, Autumn woods and so on.

What I need is:

Please provide us with an OPTIONAL setting where you can select specific random map biomes based on region , for instance:

Arabia- Desert or Grass

Black forest: Oak forest (Northern European), Pine forest, Autumn , Winter (Snow)

Costal: Oak forest, Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow)Dessert,Jungle

Mediteranian: Oak forest, Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow)

Rivers: Oak forest,Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow),Dessert,Jungle

Gold Rush: Oak forest,Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow),Dessert,Jungle

And so forth.
This option should be togolable in the options section for those whom do not wish to use this.

And please make exclusively visual mods not trigger the ‘‘Achievements have been disabled because cheat codes were used.’’ blocking system. I want to be able to get all achievements

Here is hoping the fine devs will take heed and give us this update, thank you for your time and thank you for this epic game.

There is a workaround to your issue: the scenario editor lets you choose the biome of the map, so if you don’t mind the extra steps too much, you can generate a random map in the editor and change it as you like.

Visual mods dont block achievemnts. A mod that changes units skins isnt just a visual mod.

Other ideas arent really useful to me. You can already create your own map script, in which you always get the good biomes you want. It is just part of the map script and you can change these things.

I do not have the time for this.
I know this request isn’t for everyone hense my emphases on POTIONAL setting. :roll_eyes:

I know this, I don’t want to have to do this, it takes time.
I just want the option to enter random map game/Skrimish game ,select a map and have a dropdown list of biome options.