Regional Monk Fix

Is there an ETA for the fix on regional monk textures?

It’s been quite some time now, but this annoying issue has not been fixed yet.
I’m not talking about a mod request nor reskinning other units than the monks.
Before the naysayers flock in, this should be a patch because Mesoamerican monks have had unique models for 20 years now, while other non-European monk models sit mostly unused in the game files.
A patch, not a data mod. Monks, not other units.

If you care about consistency, I see only two options:

  • Patch non-European monks with appropriate (existing) models
  • Revert Mesoamerican monks to European models

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First thing to ask: is this even on the schedule to be part of a patch. There are more important issues to be fixed at this moment. I would put this somewhere down to the list.

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poll: 1. do you want money

  1. do you not want money

what is the purpose of the poll? since the outcome is obvious… it wont change the fact that devs have only so much time to do anything, they cant do everything simultaneously, so priorities need to be set


The point is, which should be clear from the post, is that this is a valid thing to patch. Many people here would usually dismiss anything that is not useful in multiplayer as unimportant, niche and say “make it a mod for yourself but deffo not official”.

Where priorities are concerned, please. I don’t care if you think it’s important to patch the mamelukes by increasing their gold cost by 2. There’s always time and priorities are loosely defined, especially for a mostly polished game like this. It’s clear you don’t care about this being fixed, which is your opinion, so I at least managed to present an argument for its need. I’m sure the whole “May-hem” event, for instance, was a huge priority, while this is not, because coding sheep to autoscout for a week is a priority. I think fixing monk models is important.

P.s. the whole reason this was probably not done day 1 was exactly because some people would have fits about “useless graphical changes that make it difficult to recognise units”.


If someone ask for the ETA in a thread, then it mostly means it is something that is needed very quickly. It is something with urgency. It is about something broken, that really needs to be fixed. There is nothing game breaking happening. It is already 20 year in the game this way, so it is not something that is needed to be part of the next patch. That is mostly the meaning if players ask for a ETA. I dont think regional monks fits this category ever. So asking for an ETA for this idea is kinda stupid to me.

That doesnt mean i do support the idea. I would love to see more regional units in general. Why only limit regional units to monks only? Why not expand it to (almost) all units? For me, it is not the most important thing to do, but i would like it if it is implemented into the game.

So need to devs add this point to there to do list? Probably Yes. Is it needed to ask for an ETA for this idea? Probably not.

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Please, calm down. I opened the post with “ETA” to show urgency to at least try to put this issue on the list. Because, otherwise, it will NEVER get fixed. No amount of priorities or patches won’t get it fixed, ever, you can bet on that. Forgotten was released 7 years ago, that’s when we got Imams, but middle eastern monks haven’t been fixed. I was also hoping it would get on someone’s radar because I’m positive it’s a simple fix as changing a unit’s cost (changing the path to model). So, your trying to shut this down isn’t helping at all. 20 or 7 years, no matter, there will be that many more before they patch it (never).

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I think most people are aware that many units are lacking uniqueness (you forgot villagers), but that’s exactly the argument forum regulars use to shut and shelf this issue. “Too many reskins, too confusing graphics, no one’s stopping you from making a mod for yourself”. I believe monks are the simplest and most defensible unit that needs a fix, so maybe if they did that, then they’d slowly do the rest. But the current mainstream is led by multiplayers who would rather ask for an option to turn graphics off (in vain of the bizarre smaller trees mod), let alone change current units’ models, sadly.

I think we misunderstand each.

First paragraphs is about how i interpretend you first post. Probably you dont meant it that way. And i was trying to say that as well. Not having English as first language (at least for me) results in mis understandings. In the end i do like the idea and i support regional monks.

Ok, I understand. Thanks.

I think this could be implemented quickly. It takes a lot less time than an event, and it’s much more enjoyable. Also, skins for both Islamic and Buddhist monks are already in the game. Even some “barbarian” civs like mongols or Huns could get the priest model


Personally, I hope that once all the bigger bugs are fixed, and once that the best balance is founded, they will shift their attention to those matters, as a way to keep people interested in the game until AoE4.
Like, maybe add regional monk with the month challenges, then the next month add another regional feature, and so on…

Good Joke!

Well, I meant the best they can find… of course we will never reach the perfect balance, everyone will keep ranting about what in their opinion is overbuff or overnerf… other will simply ignore everything and stubbornly keep playing the meta… but hey, it is what it is.

Yeah, I think this has been going on since 2013, i.e. the Steam Forgotten release, so nothing will ever stop it, not aoe 3 de nor aoe 4. They will roll out balance patches until people stop playing the game, which if ever, will be after they’ve stopped playing aoe 3 and aoe 4 for sure.

Yeah, I mean, it doesn’t exist a perfect balance, it’s the constant changes and little tweaks that keep the game balanced way you can achieve.