Regional special units in the future

We have Eagles for Mesamerica, Camels for desert Civs, Steppe Lancers for Great Steppe region, and ofcourse elephants for India and SEA. Commonwealth will have Winged Hussars in the next DLC Do you guys have some suggestions fo future:)


Monks and Villagers (20 char)

India has no BE line as regional units.

What would I like to see,
Varangian guards for byzantines and vikings champion replacement.
Cuman archers for magyars and bulgarians HCA replacement or 3rd upgrade.
Mounted xbow for european civis.
Swiss pikes for italians teutons franks.

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not trying to be negative but i highly doubt they drastically change the game this way.


I would like something like this as a strictly anti-CA unit but bad vs everything else (very low base attack with high bonus dmg).

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Genitoirs as iberian unit (Berber, Spanish, Portuguese) . So Berber team onus gets replaced and the unit added to tech tree of Portuguese and spanish.

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Tercio as an alternative pikemen upgrade instead of the halbedier. Same stats as the pikemen (only slightly higher anti cab bonus damage) but +1 range.

Available to spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

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I would like to see regional models for Villagers and Monks.

Maybe the current Villager model should be left only for the Dark Age? - a guy with a naked chest in the renaissance looks strange xDDD


Firelance as regional unit for Chinese, Korean, mongol.

Basically a version of the burgundian uu with a charge attack, i.e. Firelance shot every 40 seconds or so. Watch the aoe 4 Chinese trailer where these guys are already there.


Crusader, a military meele unit trained in the monastery.

Available to Frank’s, teutons, brits, vikings?


But have to agree with above post. Debs won’t spent any time adding to already released civs. They might balance what is necessary, but only adding new civs and dlcs gives them cash.

I rather see a complete generic unit reskins that works like the architecture system for normal units as dlc which I would pay for

I hope too,but things are going the gimmick way now.

I also agree that firelancers should be added into the game, however I’m going to put them as a possible secondary unique unit for the Chinese rather than a shared regional unit for Chinese, Korean, and Mongols, cause I don’t think Koreans and Mongols were using them as often as the Chinese did. And if Jurchens and Tanguts are going to be added into the game, then they could share this unit with the Chinese.

There’s one unit that could be a shared regional unit for Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, and that would be the Warrior Monk trained in the monastery. All three had deployed such unit in battles, Shaolin Monks for Chinese, Sohei for Japanese, and Uibyeong for Koreans. I could imagine it being similar to a regular monk in that it can pick up relics and heal friendly units, with the notable difference that it attacks and kills the enemies rather than converting them, and its speed should be faster than a regular monk.


I like the warrior monk idea pretty unique.

Maybe the meso civis can have a regional unit too like a skirmisher upgrade/replacement.
If we are to get another civi like venice or swiss they might also get shared units.Italians and venice can share condo and swiss and italians can share swiss pikes.

But I prefer separate technology trees (at least units) for Asians, Indians, Americans, Arabs, Africans and Eastern Europeans. The current technology tree (of course units) is very strongly based on Western Europe. I think it would be possible to create two separate European Tech Trees from the current Tech Tree - after all, they are very different from each other.

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Sometime ago I was thinking about Landsknecht - Wikipedia. It would be perfect for most Western Countries like Teutons, Burgundy, Italians as upgrade for Champions.

The most perfect for a South German civ e.g. Bavarians.

There are other more pan-Western European units that are better suited.

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