Regnitz Bug

I got disconnected during a 4v4 game. My teammates wanted to get the relics I collected and destroyed my Regnitz (this shouldn’t be necessary in the first place, but okay). Then what happened was the relics in the Regnitz suddenly dissappeared.

When teammate or I get disconnected, a few things should happen and the fact that it doesn’t creates so much unnecessary disadvantages to the team.

  1. resources gathered should get evenly distributed as well as future resources getting collected by the vills of the disconnected player. (SC2 does this). OR at least make the vills stop working so they don’t mine resources which is a waste. This shouldn’t be the case if the player gets eliminated by landmarks getting destroyed.
  2. Buildings of eliminated/disconnected player should be able to get deleted by the team. Building placement as well as walls are a real problem when teammate gets disconnected/eliminated.