Release Date Prediction


Hey Everyone! What are your prediction on when Age of Empires 4 and other definitive editions will be released, here is mine:

Age of Empires DE - Q1 2018
Age of Empires 2 DE - Q3/Q4 2019
Age of Empires 3 DE - Q3 2020 - Q1 2021
Age of Empires 4 - Q4 2021- Q4 2022


I will put my money on this. Let’s see if you’re right.


I feel that you are close to the date with AoE II: DE.

Since AoE III:DE is being developed at the same time as AoE II:DE, I hope we do not have to wait another year after the release of AoE II:DE for AoE III:DE.

I hope AoE IV will release in 2020.


Yeah, I would expect a much smaller gap there.


I saw somewhere that AoE IV was planned for release end of this year or early next. So i think Itll go


“Age of Empires 4 - Q4 2021- Q4 2022”

I think that’s very exaggerate. Would be a huge disappointment for everyone if it came to be true.

Can’t tell about AoEIIl:DE. Actually i don’t really see the point for so many DEs before the next title, and III is still relatively new compared to the others.

@MSTRSup3rninja 's scenario that it may come out some time after IV looks very probable to me, and I like it too.