Release dates for Rome DLC and AoM Retold?

What are the expected release dates for the Rome DLC and AoM Retold?

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I guess Rome DLC will come in first quarter or first half in 2023. AoM Retold - no idea maybe in the end of year near AoE birthday.

I see, thanks. That sounds reasonable, I thought AoM Retold might take longer actually.

Are there any details about AoM Retold? (interviews, etc.)

It seems from the name that it will be a new game. I hope they allow free placement of TC’s, and add more hero customization. Also, I think adding neutral creeps would be great, because they can give rewards to heroes, and also boost the economy of players focusing on high-risk rushes or 1 TC all-in agression. In BFME2, neutral creeps made the game a lot more vibrant.

Retold is essentially the DE for mythology.

I’m curious if that’ll be the case. The name kind of indicates it’ll be the same concept but implemented differently. Why wouldn’t they just call it Definitive Edition like AoE 1, AoE 2, and AoE 3?

I feel like if they change/improve the mechanics of the game it’ll please more people since AoM wasn’t as commercially successful as AoE II.

We will see, I suppose.

I think I heard AoE II Return of Rome DLC will be releasing early-to-mid February. The Xbox port is releasing first, 01/31/2023, so it can’t be before that.

Where did you hear that it will be released in February?

Just to confirm we have not released an official release date for either game yet :slight_smile:


Hi! Could you convey that we would love to have some more information on the AOE2DE DLC please? A Christmas gift if you will. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification! I must have misheard or misunderstood somewhere in the interwebs. :grin::+1:

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