Release dates for Rome DLC and AoM Retold?

What are the expected release dates for the Rome DLC and AoM Retold?

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I guess Rome DLC will come in first quarter or first half in 2023. AoM Retold - no idea maybe in the end of year near AoE birthday.

I see, thanks. That sounds reasonable, I thought AoM Retold might take longer actually.

Are there any details about AoM Retold? (interviews, etc.)

It seems from the name that it will be a new game. I hope they allow free placement of TC’s, and add more hero customization. Also, I think adding neutral creeps would be great, because they can give rewards to heroes, and also boost the economy of players focusing on high-risk rushes or 1 TC all-in agression. In BFME2, neutral creeps made the game a lot more vibrant.

Retold is essentially the DE for mythology.