Release feedback - issues and suggestions

First of all good job to the team for the release. It actually went pretty smooth… I was kind of sceptical during the beta, but very hopeful that the game will do great now.
There are a few issues here and there, but overall it is very nice! Also thanks to all the modders for the essential mods like small-trees, grid and so on.

Issues I have met since the release (sorry no screenshots, but they are pretty self-explanatory):

  1. I can see that an enemy has a building, even though i have not yet explored that area (in the black), just by pointing with the mouse cursor at the position, it changes to a sword. I can even give an order to a unit to attack that building.

  2. Sometimes weird pathing (rarely, can live with it)

  3. Had my first crash during a single player 1v1 game against the AI. The game just froze out of nowhere. My guess is a memory problem. I have 16 GB RAM, i7 6800k CPU, Nvidia 1070 G1. When i looked in the task manager, i saw AOE took more than 13 GB.

I also have a few suggestions that hopefully people would like:

  1. Make map pool configurable…

  2. Allow changing the position of the minimap together with the score. Now that we can scale up/down the HUD and the HUD is modular, i would love to move the minimap in the bottom left before the command panel. So that every time i look at the command panel i can see the minimap as well. Or maybe at the top left - for those Counter-strike players :smiley:
    The point is now we have to look in 3 corners of the screen for different kinds of information. Better have it together.

  3. Automatic match-making like the one now, that takes into account ELO, but is not competitive. Just for practice.

  4. Let us change tabs while waiting for a game match


Well if you were in the beta you probably know already how to report bugs and make suggestions, one issue one post, right? we even have a place for it
Report a Bug (Definitive Edition)

Some ideas I have had for improving the the competitive scene which is connected to you suggestion 1.
Suggestion 1:
I also think similar to CS:GO to have a map pool of maybe 7 maps where you can “ban” up to max of 3 before starting the search. (Number of maps in pool divided in two and rounded down, so there will always be at least 1 map left that all opponents have in common). And by collecting the information on what maps are played the least replace the two least played maps and maybe also one random of the more played maps for some more change.
Suggestion 2:
There should be a better lobby system so players that want to find even games on certain maps (Black forest, Arena and so on) can find fun even games there.
Suggestion 3:
I would also like a similar banning phase for civilisations as mentioned for maps, (right now the Cumans are way overpowered and is not fun to play against) be able to ban maybe 5/35 civs would also remove those and also give the developers an idea of what civs that need to be worked on.

Hey Fellow Nerds!

Hope your enjoying your day first of all.

Ok i feel like there is possibly some functionality issues with the games interface.

For example the HUD. I never ever see it pop up even at its largest, i dont have sound on as i cant stand sounds. When im in combat i never know because this is also where it shows up.

i dont know maybe it is just me which is possible, however u do feel we could have a whole bunch more flexibility here.Colour Change Option? Larger for us blind people lol. Also being able to drop and drag the box to a better position the suits us? i just feel its in the silliest spot. if anything it should be directly above the mini map or something.

Also the same with the mini map like being able to customize the “interface” alot more.

Im definitely not complaining i absolutely love this game. Too much probably much lol.

Idk im just a nerd and i feel like it could be even better.

Love one another yall.

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


An Australian nerd

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