Release new patch already, please!

I havent been so hyped in my life!


Let’s make sure the patch will be 100% working when arrives.



hahahahaahhahaa YESSSS GÄ°VE Ä°T TO US. I am as curious as game was announced

Hyped to see Indians being the worst civ, The Leitis becoming the worst UU and Turks becoming the most broken civ…


Yes! The same sensation!

Hyped for the most broken UU that can even compete in trash wars getting nerfed against archer but still shreds against meele units giving it a distinctive role different from paladins.

Hyped for Indian pockets dominating very single team game und invalidating any other camel civs or paladins.

You got me with the turks one thought, unsure if good or bad. don’t like buffing already very strong free FU hussars with extra pierce armor.

But then cuman FU hussar are even better with extra speed, train time, meele and pierce armor, so turks one should be fine too. We will see.

Is diferent the early technologies is very OP in this case with Turks and dont need buildings and is free but the cumans calvalry tecs is in castle and with castle and has cost

You kind of fused Cumand and Tatars hussars tho.


I want cheaper siege upgrades with bulgarians. I don’t know why but I never have money for that

They might release at november 3 or november 10, it wouldn’t be on 14 cause it is saturday.

Really weird they haven’t even released any sort of patch notes yet…why?

Also how is battle royal mode even different than FFA? Only thing I can think is that maybe you get resources from the people you kill? Kinda like how in something like PUBG/Fortnite you get the guns/armor/supplies from the dead players.

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Patch notes are normally released with the patch. So it is not weird at all they didnt release anything.

Did you watch the games of the weekend? There was an event about this new game mode with some top players and casters.

To just highlight a few POV of the show match:





You can probably find the POV of other players as well.


You seem to not have watched the preview event :smiley:

Or at least one sneak peek of one civ per day on twitter!

Like, tomorrow on twitter you post about the balance patches of the vikings, including civ bonus and tech tree. The next day another civ, and so on.

With that the forum would be really active and alive! :slight_smile:


The patch will be ready when is ready.
No need to rush.
Considerating how bugness were the previous ones at release.


The patch is just waiting for the next week, rlx, remember the anniversary is november 14, but they might release at november 10-11.

Probability patch this weekend (6-8)- 40%
Probability patch next week (9-15) - 80%
Probability patch weeks (16-29) - 30%

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Dem maffs

100% chance of a patch within a month and 50% chance of a hotfix for the patch because oops.

I like it.

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150% chance for a patch in the next 3 weeks?


The anniversary date is 11.15. I think 99% it is the patch release date.