Relic bug still exist

Hi, yesterday was playing 2v2, 1 player got 11 relics WHAT? we won but it was awfull to see that they resist too much because of this exploit, so please be aware of this issue and fix it please.

There were 7 relics on map

Standard game or moded one? What civ he had? I don’t understand what map is that.
Report this on bug thread

The map was ESTEPAS and the user was HRE

Its because when u take relic ou of monastery/Regnitz and than get it back its counted as you colected 2 and not 1 … technically in results you could have 100 relics but in reality u had only 1

I hope thats enough to explain and it even confirms how bad and useless final stats are

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Check the replay but I would bet my left testicle on that HRE guy wanted try to collect more than 3 relics on his Regnitz (there is exploit about that) … Cannot see other reason why he would put on and off so often …

The Relics Captured stat is definitely bugged for now. There should be a fix coming for a couple of other Relic/landmark related bugs coming very soon. Either way, thank you for reporting @Alcala1702.

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