Relic exploit is still present after update

Spiffing brit showcases the exploit again, even after the patch.

What a lame video that is counter productive for the community. It’s not offering any advice or any sort feedback or explanation. This YouTuber is toxic for the community as he tries to be “cheeky” and “witty”. Bad tastes, this doesn’t belong here.

You’re not conveying anything with “reporting a bug” by posting some obnoxious YouTuber with a 20 minute and saying, “here”.


I didn’t post this to watch the video, I posted this to show the bug is still present in the game despite the patch claiming they removed it.

have you ever considered that, maybe the youtuber record this clip before the patches released?


Fibre likes to open new threads for the known issues a lot, it’s ok. But no one tested it yet, I will check it at night, but I used relics in the past few days, I haven’t met with this exploit since the patch.

I propose to block the user for forgery and bytes for fake videos