Relic icon disapears from minimap when picked up by enemy even tho I have no vision

So I’ve had this feeling for some time now that this was happening but I was not 100% sure. Today I remembered this issue and the first thing I did was to watch a replay to confirm this behavior.
The file was bigger than 30MB, so I have uploaded it to Streamable.

Age of Empires IV 2022-01-12 19-06-35 (

Edit: Is this intended?

Isnt that intended feature?

Hmm, it is? I feel like it shouldn’t be if that’s the case

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Because u can even hear when enemy picks-up relic right?

No, in the recording it’s one priest of mine spawning (it spawns 1-2 seconds before the relic is picked up by enemy prelate). Relic pickup sound is different

I don’t think this is a bug. It’s so you don’t waste your time trying to get relics the enemy has already taken right?

Actually don’t know if it is intended. Waiting for a response from the team

In AOE 2 thats how relics works. 99% convinced that is intended.

It’s probably intended. There isn’t much to gain from having it be different, other than annoying you when your monk arrives only to see no relic.

That, and we see the same happening with deer after pro scouts carry them away.

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It’s also something hard to notice right away, so you’re probably right

Hm i am not sure if its a bug. If its not - the game is quite inconsistent.

You i.e. do not see a hunt spawn (deer) disappear on the minimap until you are there.