RELIC please limit family accounts to skirmish/campaign only, ranked team in horrible state

Seriously, ranked team games is in such a horrible state. Practically every game is full of people on their smurf (sorry “alternate”) account. Easily 75% of the 4v4 games got smurfs. Easily more than half the people doing ranked team now are on their alternate accounts. No exaggeration.

You can easily spot it on aoe4world, their winrate, their elo vs their low level etc. Alot of the smurfs are also dumped and used as team boosters to inflate their friends. This is spotted by dudes having conq elo in like 1v1 or 2v2, but “surprisingly” enough shit elo like 500 something in 4v4. Their game history shows tons of 3 minute game losses in that mode.

Because of all the f’cking smurfs, the outcome in team ranked is completely random. You can get mega stomped in one game and play an even one the next.

All this smurfing mega stomps and scares away new players which is really bad for the game’s future. Casual players often only got a few games an evening, not fun to waste them on smurf games. And, less important but it is super hard to find your real rank, you loose shit ton of rank points when loosing to a “silver” smurf team as a diamond.

I am seriously tired of this bullshit, often takes the fun out of it all.


Even is this was the only change in Season 8 I would LOVE it!, many would LOVE IT!’
You will even make more money like this, financing the game more.

Please please consider this for next season!!


Couldn’t agree more.
Aoe4 is a cheat- and smurffest because of family sharing.
Has to be discontinued immediately.