Hey relic!!! You gunna do someting about the pathetic cheating AI that “NOBODY ASKED FOR”
The game is not fun anymore, its annoying and not rewarding playing against cheating AI, getting rushed after 6 mins when the ai is in castle and have knights. GG relic you guys SUCK!!! as much as ### #### ### ai


If they were going to read your threads (this and the other one) they definitely changed their mind after seeing the tone of your titles. They already told in the last update that they will bring back the old hardest. In the mean time you can play vs real people who give way better experience than AIs or play (multiple) hard AI. If I remember correctly there are mods/tuning packs thay adjust the AI. You can use them.

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I’m closing this thread. There are actually real human beings who make our games and read these forums. Please be excellent to each other and leave this forum better than you found it.