Religious sites victories fun?

Just had a 4v4 match where my team wasn’t expanding much, while the other team stealthily walled in the two religious sites, built keeps around it and then just sat there for 10 minutes until the timer ran out. My team was way worse, but it still feels like a very boring end to a match that could still have been a nice fight.

Any thoughts on the religious site victories? Who actually likes it and would be sad if it got removed?

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I think they’re a great addition for 1v1 and 2v2. They do seem more problematic in team games and the way they get distributed on some island maps.


Yeah. Lots of fun, this is what is called strategy imo. Would be even better if Wonders were viable. A decent RTS needs 3 or 4 victory conditions.


Sounds like an MMR issue, rather than a gameplay issue.

Make trebs/bombards and push a site. Or even just get 3-4 rams.
Your team and you just played it VERY poorly.

  1. How did they even get to all 2-3 sites and build massive fortifications without any of you noticing?
  2. How did you guys NOT counter push with siege to take at least 1 site. Or just ignore the sites and kill off one of the players, because they probably invested most of their resources into defending the sites rather than themselves?
  3. Why didn’t any of you take one?

I think they are much better then wonder victory.
You can build a wonder in the safest location possible and just wall yourself in in a corner.

For a holy sight victory you have to control the map. You have to go out there.
Also the enemy has enough time to prepare because you have to get them one by one.
And than you only have to take one. So they have to build defences on 3 different places while you only have to attack one.

Also the holy sight victory prevents those endless games where both sides are completely walled in and no attack can get though the defences.
It is easier to get late game stone in AoE4 compared to AoE2.

The only issue I can see is on some maps where there are less holy sights (like only 2) and maybe on water maps. But than again. I feel like it’s hard to end a game on a water map otherwise. When both sides are out of wood the game just doesn’t progress anymore.

btw. you can disable every victory condition in private lobbies.
I personally don’t like wonder victory. And I think most people agree with me.