Remaining units will NOT stop attacking after elimination from a match

Overview: In Age of Empires IV - Season Four Update 6.0.878 there was a fix for: “When you are eliminated from a match, remaining units will stop attacking previous targets, villagers will stop gathering, and any other unit commands will also cease.”

Issue: I have specifically ran into a bug where enemy units DO NOT stop attacking after the opponent has surrendered. Specifically, a Mongol player’s Mangudai. Please see screenshots below (I apologize in advance for the graphics my PC is not great):

Reproduction steps: I hate to say I haven’t tried to reproduce the issue yet… For context for the images; the enemy Mangudai were I believe left idle and were auto-targeting my farms. I don’t believe it was a “right click attack” although it could be. Then the Mongol player surrendered and I believe the Mangudai were left idle shooting my farms. And of course continued to shoot.

Additional information: The map was “Hill and Dale” 3 v 3 ranked. This event occurred in the late game (47:30~ approx. see time stamps in screenshots). No major event may have caused this in game, although obviously the player surrendering caused it. How do I find out if they were match host? Also, you can see my cue in the screenshots; I don’t think that caused it, also there wasn’t a huge battle going on.

Also, I don’t believe that the specs of my PC would be helpful as this was an in-game bug so the issue would have to be with the game code.

Game Version Number: aoe age4 6.0.878.0

Thank you for the help!

Even in skirmish against the AI, once you defeat the AI, units that were engaged will still attack whatever unit or building they were attacking just before the match ended.

In your cause, do you see the Mangudai engaging other units constantly or do they stop attacking after killing their target?

Hello, by “engaging other units” I am assuming you are referring to targeting/re-targeting other units actively? If so, my answer is no, I was able to kill the units before I was able to observe this re-targeting behavior :slight_smile:

Not sure if the re-targeting would have continued.

This is surely a minor bug but it is quite annoying to have to kill idle enemy units after they have surrendered…

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