Remappable hotkeys are not remappable and massive disappointment

So much bs. Everyone miss clicks in every type of game they play. No human being is perfect. Unless you’re advanced AI with long development time behind it that plays perfectly then sure.

Just because you’re learning something new doesn’t mean you forget old skills?!?! Lol. Probably silliest argument I have heard. Is your brain containing like 32mb ram or something that once its filled you forget the oldest thing? xD

Not much trouble to put esc to another key like in mouse which is usually always easier to reach than esc. You’re now just being stubborn child in candy store screaming at mom “can I haz lolipop”

Show me single evidence that even 1 AOE2 player quit solely because of hotkeys and now I don’t want your friends or your testimonial. I have seen how some AOE2 pros go mad cryfest over AOE4 not being identical to AOE2. This may include hotkeys but also multiple other reasons. If AOE2 is so great game then stay there and don’t try to influence different title in the saga and development team.

I don’t think anyone has claimed that is the case, rather that it can be one of several contributory factors.

He just did. “a lot of aoe2 dropped climbing aoe4 cause hotkeys” followed by rest of sentence.

Sure not being like AOE2 can be reason to someone quit and its fine but AOE4 doesn’t have to be AOE2 and it shouldn’t.

Sure I wouldn’t mind if developers have the time and budget to spare make different type of UI or even let ppl make it themselves via mods.

But if hotkeys are affecting players decision so hard that they quit then they would quit for another thing anyway. I got many things I dislike about AOE4 and many of them could be solved via developer making things. For example Id like to have certain unit hotkeys assigned automatically when I make specific unit first time. Like first IO id like to be 9 but yeah.

Also if AOE2 player already quit for multiple reasons they won’t come back because they get AOE2 UI

yes, i have references, who did it.

and yes, if game would be different, may be they would keep with aoe4 even without hotkeys.
but they dropped the game in the state on release.
And yes, they said, that after hotkeys they give a try again.

I would not provide any names, cause I was 6 months ago… and i can speak for myself.

but if you want → open any top20 player on twich → ask if they would give a try again, after QoL improved.

if you really want.

but It’s offtopic → we discussed, that 2 line of codes can saitisfy players. At least me and NyanRacinCat (TC) will be happy with 2 line of codes ( == overlapping for QWER. )

Hi, so you’ve found a solution to keep SHIFT working to queue 5 units in production buildings? If that’s what you meant, I’d like to try but I didn’t completely understand this message.

Yes, 5 at a time with shift + Q.
repeat for every building. Secondary Key.


Unintuitive and probably not working as intended, but thanks!

You don’t know if its 2 lines of code. While im no coder I still know its more work than just simply putting 2 lines code.

If everything was just 2 lines of code then games would be super easy to make just an inconvenient

I was using grid system, using B to delete, using SHIFT + B to cancel last item in queue and CTRL + SHIFT + B to cancel all items on queue. Now SHIFT + B is not working if the building is deleteable??? (works with dome of the faith but not with delhi capital TC for example, it works with mongol capital TC?)

Select all (+idle) military do not select monks anymore??? oh okay… there is a cycle trough religious unit hotkey BUT there is not a SELECT ALL religious units hotkey? hello?

I cant no longer use F3 to select ONLY blacksmiths + universities without the hassle of selecting mosques, scholars inside mosques, landmarks with technologies, ovoo, didnt ask for this, is it toggleable? nope, its just collateral damage…

Where is the hotkey for selecting the khan? scouting falcon ability (hotkey) still disappears when multiple units are selected…

Monastic shrines (mongol tech) makes monasteries selectable with F1, why???

My patience meter is about to reach ZERO



I never understood this feature hahaha ever, i just click wherever and use my mouse for everything, how can you remember all those letters and weird key combinations???

Its so unnecessary, I have won many matches just by using my mouse as always… Using the keyboard is soo difficult to me…

You’ll always play at a higher rating if you can perform actions faster, if everything else about your play is the same. If you practice the hotkeys a lot, it becomes subconscious. I haven’t used many hotkeys in 4 because I still can’t make them the same as AoE 2, but I do use QQ and QA, for example, for house and farm (which is the same as 2), and I don’t think about the letters when I’m doing it, it’s just a muscle memory thing at this stage, like how when you change gear in a manual transmission car you just do it, you aren’t consciously thinking about the sequence of actions.

Hey, by the way some times the best thing is to LEFT CLICK ground (deselect) to reset the builder menu instead of ESC.

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Q+ S + LEFT CLICK → vils WILL BUILD “S” building // not working

If you mean you can do:
q + s +esc +LEFT CLICK+ SELECT AGAIN+ w +s…it’s even more 7 keys.

I was waiting very eagerly for “fully remappable hotkeys” but ended up quite disappointed by the actual results.

Surprisingly, I find this new layout even more confusing and cumbersome to use than the grid keys (which I already don’t like), that I’m not even going to bother with it.

All I want is a single build menu. Not construction menus 1-4. I really don’t understand why this is so much to ask for when RTS games have had this for decades.

AoE4’s UI feels like it belongs on a mobile game, not a full blown PC game.

I’m happy I have Game Pass which lets me experience this without having to outright buy it (which I happily would’ve if it wasn’t for the controls).


the grid system is the best for producing buildings, you just want to match the hotkeys to your old game

No it’s not, because you need four different keys just to get to a building from a certain age.

for it is even intuitive for those who are new to the game,not like old fashioned games

Just because something is novice friendly doesn’t make it superior.

That’s like saying a touchscreen keyboard is better than a physical one since it’s easier to use

I even said, not that it was the main reason, the main reason is that it is the best

What “pro” asked for a change? no one