Rematch - Bug

The rematch feature is cool, but there is a bug.

It takes you (the host), your friends or anyone who just played with you recently to a new lobby of yours automatically once when the players willing to play with you again check :ballot_box_with_check: the rematch option.

But the rematch lobby/screen just freezes for the host at times. As a host, you can see your mates automatically joining. If you have had AI in the previous match, you will see AI appear readily on your lobby.

Next, you (the host) would see your mates do either of these - pick team number, civ and colour of their choice and/or click ‘I’m ready’ button. But you (the host) cannot do anything that your mates did in addition to not being able to pick AIs civ, colour and team number because the lobby is frozen on your (host’s) side.

You only have one option - restart the game.
Once when you restart the game and go to lobby browser, you can find your frozen lobby’s name (Rematch ‘XXX or whatever your last lobby/game’s name was’) on the lobby browser with or without your mates - which is basically your broken buggy lobby.Your mates might leave the lobby as well. You can neither go to your lobby nor delete it.

Would be nice if your guys can fix it soon.

Sorry, I don’t have any screenshots of this issue to share. If any of you had faced this problem, please do report it here.