Remember last settings when switching game mode

AoE2 DE never remembers your settings for a specific game mode once you switch to another. With the new Battle Royale mode this becomes a more serious issue:

Say I picked Arabia and Extreme AI in random map, then played a BR, then switch back to RM. I would be presented with the following screen.

  • If I select yes, map will be reset to Coastal and difficulty reset to Standard;
  • If I select no, guess what? Map remains a BR one.

And my previous settings are forgotten completely. WTF. Remember last settings is a fundamental feature, devs. Don’t you have common sense?

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I mean, is it REALLY a huge issue?

It would be good to have it, but changing the map + size never seems too annoying to me at least?

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Oh no AI difficulty, map size, map and other useless option change thing has new UI. It’s much annoying. Instead of asking for all times they could add a button makes recommended settings.

Yeah, i can see this feature is useful. I wouldnt mind if the devs add this to the game.

One time? Not annoying for sure. Infinite times? Could make me mad.

I would take KVM switch as an analogy. Before using a KVM switch, when I leave my work laptop and go to my gaming PC, I would have to change the input source of the monitor, reconnect my keyboard, reconnect my mouse. Now with a KVM switch, I can switch all 3 with one button press.

Small things add up. When you have the convenience you would never want to go back.