Remembering the highest league

Dear AoE IV devs,

Thank you for the great Season 1 update!
It made the game so much more fun.

There are a few things that could be changed to the better though, in my opinion.

Right now, when you reach a new league, the game discourages you from ever playing again on this account until the season ends.
Because if you lose the next game, you are demoted back to the previous league and lose all the rewards you got an access to.

Could you please remember the highest reached league and prevent demoting from it until the season ends?
This is how it’s done in StarCraft 2, and I think it is a much better player experience.
You are no longer punished for playing the game.

Also, I think immediately giving you the rewards as soon as you qualified for them would be much more intuitive and rewarding.
Right now it’s very anticlimactic when you finally made it to a higher league but have to wait several month for your reward for some reason.


I agree with this very much. I was asking myself the same question… Now I reached gold I, why in the world would I keep playing when I am certain, I won’t be able to reach next level. With luck maybe next tier, but why would I risk loosing gold, if I don’t get anything to reach tier II.
So I actually went back now to play quick match.

Actually asked for the same after the Beta in January, but apparently it’s not in the interest of the highest level players or the devs… Anyway, I think for the majority, this would be a welcome change, where people keep actually playing - with current system, see you next season :smiley:


There are con’s to both systems; that is remembering one’s highest achievement and one’s latest achievement.

Cons to one’s latest achievement:
One maybe unable to maintain their highest achievement with consistent play ALL THE WAY THRU the season; and therefore MAY miss out on what WOULD have been their highest come season’s end.
This may discourse some from playing after achieving what they perceive to be a “high” ranking for themselves.

Con to one’s highest achievement:
The current system STARTS out giving new accounts copious amount of points per victory in order to properly match new accounts with adequate competition; but in lies the LIE…someone with 10-20 games played can be over inflated in their ranking and decide to make new accounts over and over again until the perfect 10+ first wins occur.

final thoughts
Here’s a way we might both win; let them record your highest rank within a league but only count the latest league you’re in! So If for example I’m latest rank is gold 2 but the season ends tomorrow, since I USE TO BE gold 3, let me gain the rewards of gold 3. But in a different example if I use to be Platinum 2 but by season’s end I’m down to gold 2 then I only get gold 3 reward since plat and gold are different leagues.

Are there different rewards for the tiers at the moment? I thought they only make differentiation between the leagues really.

I think if the transition (up or down) between the leagues would be more guarded, it wouldn’t keep players to continue participating. If you come into the top of your league, you could initiate a qualification process to participate in the higher league. If you loose consecutive 5 games in the bottom tier, you are downgraded.

I find it also quite unintuitive, that as a silver II player I had matches against gold I and bronze II players as well… Why the league if you play with the full player base anyways? (within ELO thresholds, but apparently thresholds are wildly across leagues)

One more thought come to my mind reading your post: a combination might indeed work, but I think the rewards (doesn’t matter how insignificant), should be given on the highest ranked achieved not the last one…

But then I started thinking, what does this “rank” tells / is worth anyways other than the in-game rewards? (Here not considering the few conqueror players :slight_smile: that is a completely different category of players)

I would like to see the rank displayed in Quick matches as well, or when queueing up for Custom lobby, where it’s hard to setup balanced games at the moment. Even maybe limit who can enter my custom lobby based on rank… Not sure if these are planned or a good idea…

I also think that the highest achieved rank during a season should be displayed and the rewards should be given directly after reaching a new league and not at the end of a season.

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One way to deal with this is to use an alt account where you don’t care about rewards, so you can continue to play ranked to practice and improve. Who knows, by the end of the season you might have become platinum standard, and then you can go back to your main account to get platinum rewards.

There’s not much else they can do with the player count and the duration of games. People will just complain about huge queue times if they try to match people up really closely in ELO.

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I found a better fix!!!

First off Relic should reward your highest rank achieved BUT ONLY after you’ve at LEAST played 30 games on that account. A 30 game account can absolutely be a smurf account however after 10 games you’ll stop getting bonus points in attempts to best match you with proper rank games. So if a new account is able to sustain a high win rate after the 10 games of bonus points and continue to maintain a high win rate up to 30 games? Then that player is legit or semi legit that rank.

Lastly a season is 2 months?? If you can’t play 30 rank games in 2 months then well you weren’t really playin this game. So that brings up the issue what happens to ppl with less than 30 games when season ends?? Let them keep whatever rank they sustain UP TO GOLD II but not beyond!!