Reminder: AOE 4 is AOE 4

AOE 4 is a game of it’s own, even if it can be compared it is useless as it’s same as comparing AOE 3 with AEO 2. AOE 3 is it’s own original game and AOE 2 is it’s own. If you want to play AOE 2 play AOE 2, but you can’t playe AOE 2 in AOE 4. In AOE 4 you play AOE 4.

So how much you whine and cry and say AOE 4 is cartoony, AOE 2 is gritty, or AOE 3 is best looking, all those games are available there, nobody has killed those game or some killing people who play those games.

AOE 4 is not made to surpass or kill AOE 2 or AOE 3, AOE 4 is for playing AOE 4.

AOE 4 is it’s own take on AOE, AOE 4 is an original stand alone game.


Good points, but I still say that shouldn’t have put it in the Middle Ages again


they can, if thats the case then nothing in the world should be repeated. AOE 4 is AOE 4’s take on middle ages.


Right. We have AoE 2 so if all you are going to do is say aoe 2 is better just play that game


nope, I will play both AOE 4 and AOE 2, if I want AOE 2 I will play that and if I want AOE 4 I will play that. I like both games, my money, my time, my computer.


There you go! :smiley: some people just like to bash things and complain


If it is unfair to criticize AoE4 by comparing it to any of the other games in this franchise, how are we to fairly criticize AoE4?


Stop trying to ruin everything with facts and logic.


I am pretty sure it is considered acceptable to praise AoE4 by comparing it to other Age games, so I’m just trying to work out what the rules are around here.


I hope so what else are we to compare the it too

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If I want to play age of 2, I play age of 2. If I want to play age of 4, I play age of 4 and I know that this game is not age of 2 and dont expect age of 2 features.Age of 4 has its own features.:slight_smile:


So DOW lll is DOW lll and we are not allowed it to compared to previous DOWs… Wow!

You see, no one should had compared DOW lll to previous DOW games by this logic.



la de da de da de da something something 24 characters

i mean to be fair you can’t really compare any DOW game to each other considering this series doesn’t have any actual identity beside from being a 40k game, because DOW 1 doesn’t play like DOW 2 AND 3 AND DOW 2 doesn’t play like DOW 1 AND 3 and DOW 3 doesn’t play like DOW 1 AND 2 etc etc… unlike age games where it’s clear how it plays and nearly identical to each other in many aspect so it’s logical to compare between age games unlike DOW


I wouldnt know they never sent me the the ok for the download the beta wish i could tell you what i thing. I am one of the longest players of age of empires game.

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The problem is that AoE2 has existed for 20 years, and received a ton of polish with the release of DE, and in the maintanence patches ever since. It’s kind of unfair to compare a brand new game (that hasn’t even been released yet) to the cumulative effort of 20 years.


Not that guy but my 2cents- DoW III was disappointing when it was assessed as a separate, non-related product in this specific RTS subgenre. When assessed through the prism of quality of DoW1 and 2 - it was borderline a disaster.
Still <50% positive reviews on Steam

DoW III was bad and dishearteningly disappointing but wasn’t on the same scale as for example Empire Earth III or CnC 4 that are almost disgusting when compared to previous installments :slight_smile:

Back to topic - IV is no trying to be Age of Kings 2, not a 3rd re-release of that game. It’s just a AoE game using medieval timeframe.
I judge it mostly by general standards of AoE games, after that- mix of many things including developer, publisher, price tag etc.

To improve our mood, best thing about DoW III:
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III - Announcement Trailer - YouTube
It’s like watching a trailer for Insurgency:Sandstorm and getting CoD:Mobile :wink:

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I’m only saying that if AoE IV is a success and they think about making more games, they’d better return to the first AoE timeline, too. I liked the Beta, I think AoE IV will be successful, but still hurts how they have gone the easy way rebooting from the AoE II timeline, skipping the Stone Age/Ancient Era amazing and unique setting.

Franchise-speaking aside, yep, AoE IV is its own game, but we can’t just ignore the fact that it’s totally intended to mimic AoE II, literally attracting its playerbase with the same setting and identical basis.


Restart from 1 to 6 and folow history?

At this point, you are asking to reboot rise of nation.

Stone age, ancien time, medieval, renaissance, industrial and modern time.

They may as well do 1 last, whit age of empire 5, hand say that the game will have 5 game dlc, whit the stone age has base game.

That if the age of empire 4 team still want to tuch to the game.

They are working hard and game is not a soft lunch., i wond how they are fealing.

I would love to feed them pizza, whit a box of donnut and sprite drink, to give them motivation.

Watching the videos already posted on the Age of Empires Youtube channel I already liked that to see how Age of Empires 4 is based on AoE 2, with many other features from all Age of Empires, it looks good, it can unite the whole Age community !!! For me AoE 2 is an excellent game the best AoE, in my point of view, is the one with the biggest AoE community, very good!!!