Removal of classic maps

I noticed that several maps present in the TAD standard maps pool have been removed from ranked play. I believe the following maps were removed (based on ~150 games): Great Plains, Great Lakes, Carolina, Texas, California, Araucania, Indochina, Yucatan, Hispaniola, Bayou, Deccan, Silk Road, Yellow River. Furthermore, some excellent EP maps added to the game are not included in the rotation, e.g. Pampas Sierras, Cascade Range, Indonesia.

I hope that I am wrong about a few of these maps and just haven’t encountered them. If not, it is extremely frustrating that iconic maps like Great Plains have been removed, while the likes of Borneo is included. Overall, the DE set of maps includes a significantly higher fraction of Asian maps. There is now a single map for the entire continent of South America - Patagonia. I can’t see any reason to remove Great Plains or Great Lakes. It is reasonable to include a few niche maps in the rotation such as Indochina that encourage non standard play. It seems that any map without a trade route has been removed from the pool. This is a bad guiding principle. Overall, the DE ranked map pool is quite bland and would greatly benefit from increased diversity.


Some just got their names changed IRC

No, the maps listed I am fairly sure were removed from the rotation. Some EP maps were added to the game under changed names.

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Thank you for posting this. Several of the maps mentioned used to be so frequently played that they are basically synonymous with the game itself. It is a real shame that they are not included in the standard map pool of DE.

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Sorry, I read badly, as you said they are removed from the ranked map pool. But I think that they will going changing the map pool, as they do in aoe2


They’re not standard. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be made more balanced for ranked games.

Hopefully as @ArkadasLlisa says they will have a map rotation like aoe2 does.

Great plains is the most iconic aoe3 map and should permanently be in the map pool. It is the definition of standard for many players. Perhaps as a map maker you judge what is standard differently.

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It’s not balanced though.

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thank god they removed great plains from ranked pool, people just play that and decan 99% of the rest of maps were ignored

Just for interest:

Edit: This is my favourite argument against ranked lobbies, but maybe this could be limited if dekkan and gp were rotated in/out of the map pool (would never happen, people would rage). ^^


That’s about what I would expect. I suppose some standard maps are low in the list because players resign before 2:00. I would always host standard or all maps games and certainly don’t want a return to Deccan or GP lobbies. I’m simply arguing there should be a great plains type map (home of the Lakota) permanently in the map pool. It makes zero sense to have converted High Plains (the balanced version of GP) to an Asian map if GP was removed. Great Lakes is important historically and ought to be added as well. I agree it has it’s problems, but is much more enjoyable in my opinion than Borneo, Siberia, or Yukon, which are all currently deemed “standard.” Thanks for the discussion and your effort on EP maps.

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I don’t disagree with you about having these maps in ranked rotations. Hopefully they set up rotations and you can select maps to veto and set one as your preferred. Like aoe2.

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The fact that other maps were previously ignored is already solved by the nature of not being able to choose your map in ranked. So, there would be no harm in reintroducing GP and Deccan and perhaps a few others, as they would only occasionally pop up in the pool. Maps like Mongolia already favor certain teams (French, Dutch), while any water maps favors Ports. Ozarks favors aggressive teams. The balance is never going to be perfect, so better to just throw a bone to the vast majority of players that enjoy GP and Deccan. We can adjust the balance slightly if that is the issue (a couple closer herds in GP, and then a slight delay in the landing time of the trade route). These two maps also sort of balance each other in the long term, as Deccan favors defensive civs while GP favors aggressive civs.


I’d actually argue that a little bit less balance (as long as it is not extreme) encourages more diversity in play and thus more interesting play patterns. I want to be required to adapt my game depending on the map, rather than be able to run out the same strategy out every game because I know (for example) that I am guaranteed two trade posts and three easy herds.

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No please.

There are already 22 maps in the standard pool. The map pool is fine. I don’t know and don’t want to know what GP or Deccan is. I guess they are the AoE3 version of Arabia or Blackforest? If so, exclude them from the standard maps would be the best decision the devs have made.

The map rotation is the worst part of Age2. If you add map rotation. Some people will ask for map bans and preference maps, and soon there will be map dodgers. Keep everything untouched if you don’t know how to solve them. Think twice before you make any irretrievable mistake.

If you want to play something specific, please go casual lobby. Set your fovorite rules, play and chat with players you approved, earn your casual rank insignia. Don’t change the ranked mode for all the old and new players.

If you aren’t familiar with the two most played aoe3 maps, then you aren’t qualified to judge if the current map pool is good or not. I agree with you though that a map rotation seems unnecessary and annoying. I just want a reasonable permanent map pool.

I am one of AoE3 players and I don’t need your approve to voice my opinion.

I am against any idea adding another AoE3 version of arabia or BF in the standard maps set. That’s it.

GP could compare to Arabia i guess. But Dekkan has no aoe2 comp.

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Fact is, that the map pool is still being revised. Some changes have already been made since release. We are both just voicing our opinions, and not adding a map is not the “default” at this early stage. I think many players would like to see a (balanced) version of great plains, which has a nice aesthetic. It is home of the Lakota and also features the Cheyenne tribe, not currently on any map in the pool.

I remember that AI is not ready to accept the challenge on some maps, maybe including what you said