Remove Archer class armor for mounted Archers?

I think mounted archers should keep only the cav archer armor class. Specially new Elephant archers.
Is weird that for example, husckarls wrecks this beasts, as fast than pikes, just for having an archer mounted.

Do that and see how other mounted archers become OP (like how OP Conqs were before DE).


This would have to only apply to the elephant archer to be meaningful.

If you removed archer armor from every mounted archer then youd have to add the current archer attack for every unit to cavalry archer attack to keep things balanced vs mangudai, camel archers, CA, genitours, war wagons, and conqs. And once you do that you’re effectively back to where you started.

Except elephant archers which have -7 cavalry archer armor and so would take a bunch of extra damage from many units because their attack was moved to the cavalry archer class. And skirms would become awful if the negative cavalry archer armor became 0.

You could choose to not add the archer attack to the cavalry archer attack for ghulams, huskarls, persian knights, burmese manipur cavalry, and polish team light cav but that would have a lot of side effects.

Without their own armor class, realistically the 0 archer armor and negative cavalry archer armor is the best that can be done. Anything else has too many side effects.


I wouldn’t be enought to give skirms the same attack bonus against CA armor class?

“Same attack bonus” as what?

If you give skirms and genitours and camel archers +7 attack vs cavalry archers and remove the negative armor from elephant archers theyre going to wreck non-elephant archer CA units crazy hard.

Like I said without a custom armor class the archer armor class and negative cavalry archer armor is the most elegant solution.

No, I’m saying to remove Archer armor class from CA units but leave de Cavalry Archer armor class.

F.E Skirms now would have +4 vs Archers; +6 Vs Cavalry archer

I already covered that.

I really don’t get what you mean with the whole sentence… You refer to remove the archer class armor from Elephant archer, so ghulams, huskarls, etc don’t have bonus against them anymore? Because that is what I’m proposing

You keep switching between saying remove archer from monted archer units and remove archer from elephant archer units. These have very different implications; pick one claim and stick with it.

Assuming you mean elephant archers only:

Theres only like 10 units affected by this and you can write out the chain of effects with each change. When you do this you realize you are going to be forced to accept some changes other than ghulams, huskarls, etc doing less damage. You cannot achieve only getting huskarls, ghulams, etc. to do less damage. There will be side effects, some worse than others.

Im not going to list every combination of side effects. You can do that yourself then pick one.

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