Remove Buildings Destruction Animation

I love the buildings destruction animation, and it’s one of the main reasons I upgraded to DE all the way back from AoC!

But as I felt that in order to play competitively, the animations somehow is a bit too long to collapse, as in to confirm the building is destroyed or not.

Possible to have an option in settings to tick if want to disable the animation for reasons above, to enhance game performance, just make the buildings collapse like the speed it used to be in AoC is good enough. Maybe as an option for low graphics settings, or to toggle off animations at any graphics settings, dev knows best.


would love this, especially the animation for foundations disintegrating is very annoying and I often have a hard time telling when my units get through quickwalls

You said you loved this, but you never liked the post :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :joy:

I agree, the collapse animations are really annoying in competitive play. Simply unbelievable that they got added without toggle.

I’ve started to make a mod that removes them, however at this point I need to do more research on how to continue it.

For now you can try this mod; “No Smoke On Collapse Animation”

Once a building is destroy it immediately turns a shade darker before collapsing. That’s how you see it was destroyed right aways before the animation…

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Here’s a mod that removes destruction animations:

This is also as far as I got, remove the destruction files but then we’re left with a delay between delete and the appearance of rubble. As much as I dislike the deconstruction, the delay might cause some confusion and doesn’t look as good and responsive as the classic behavior.

I’m a bit stuck and tired with figuring this out, If anyone knows how please save me the effort 11.