Remove civilizations from the "random" pool

Hello everyone,

i just wanted to share my idea, i love playing random, but i really hate the last two civs from lord of the west, both burgundians and sicilians i feel them unbalanced and not fun. before the last patch there was no issue, since they were not included for those that dont own the expansion, but now they are, and i would love to have the option to ban those civilizations that i dont want.

it also creates a dynamic pool that you can use with your teammate for 2v2, one plays random cav civ while the other plays random archer civ

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I use this website:
I did the groups for it (archer, navy, cavalry, …), they are somewhat arbitrary. If I had a good source for civilization classification, I can get those fixed.

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nice tool, i will keep it handy

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I don’t like your idea, I think people will abuse this mechanic.

About Burgundiand I totally agree with you that this civ not only shouldn’t be in the civs draft, but this civ should be removed from the game.

I wrote a topic with some suggestions to nerf the Burgundians

For more informations, check: Tweaking the Burgundians

Instead of picking Britons if you want to play archers, you select a selection of civs that are archer civs and let the game decides which of these civ you will be playing.

I have no idea how people can abuse that system in any way. So i am curious about the possible abuse of this machanic in your opinion.

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He said that he want an option make him ban some civs in the draft or pick others. By this thing people can ban strong civs from other people and make their draft have the best civs, so it is clearly not random anymore.

I didnt read that at all. What he says is that you can use this feature in for example in 2v2 in which you select all the archer civs, while your ally select only cav civs, so you end up with a archer civ and a cav civ.

I read the idea as something that only impact your own civ.

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Any mechanic that make you pick a draft will be able to abuse, I don’t prefer this option, and already in team games the random have the priority, so in 2v2 for example, if 2 pick random the others will be indeed random, if he want to inroduce this system because he don’t like some civs then this is not the community problem, it is his own problem, and even if you got bad civs in random for 1v1 or team games so what?! This is the random.

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a way to counter this possible “exploit” would it be, that if you ban civs it doesnt count for random “matchups”.

personally i dont care if my opponent picks civ or not, they can even play with the DLC civilizations, what i want is the option to have a random pool that excludes these new civs.

Tell me, how is this more exploitable then just picking a civ, which is already possible? This is just a form a civ picking…


You can counter the picked by pick and let tha random open, yeah if we got this mechanic you can do the same, but I don’t think it will be like the current system, it will be abused.

You can uninstall the DLC if you don’t want to play with them (Burgundians and Sicilians)
Can’t you?

i dont own the DLC, and no, right now these civs are included in the pool no mather what

We need an option to Ban one or two or as many Civ we like to ban while playing random civ lobby games. It will be very helpful while we play random civ lobby because sometime if some of us get Vietnamese in Nomad maps its an unfair advantage considering they ruin the nomad experience.


How about Persians and Malians then? They’re able to dock+house+TC+fishing ship while others can’t on Nomad. Is it more fair?
And what about Tatars, Britons, Franks and Mongols on Yucatán where you get plenty of deers/sheeps and berry bushes?
If you ban some civs then it’s not random anymore I think.
You might ban Vietnamese to don’t get “unfair” advantage, I might ban Huns cause they are garbage on that map.

I love the idea of having some limited random civ option in which you can pick a limited number of civs and the game just picks one of these at random for you. So you can select thinks like all archers civs if you want to play archers, but dont wanna pick a civ.

There should be one requirement: It only effects your civ pool, not the civ pool of others. So if you dont like Vietnamese on Nomad, then you can select all civs except Vietnamese and this only effects you. Your ally can do the same, if both decides to not have vietnamese as option for your team. Your enemy still should be able to pick whatever civ they like. Your bans dont have any influence on their civ pool.

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Terrible idea to ban some civ for others on a random civ game. However I have been getting the same random civ over and over some days which kind of sucks even if the civ is good on that map. So either a little smarter random logic, or some manual civ ban possibility for my own civ pool would address this issue.

As a note, having Vietnamese on Nomad is a great variety for the Nomad map. That civ does not have a lot going on for them and having such a bonus makes them viable at least for that particular map. And also, when you know there is Vietnamese on the opponent team, you just adapt. Wall, scout the map yourself, and have some military presence. Similar applies to Burmese relic bonus, when you know you have them on the opponent team, you simply be faster to castle age to pick the relics yourself. None of those ruin the Nomad experience, it enhances it.

If it’s random it’s random. If he picks you still have time to adjust your pick after you see the map. But I wouldn’t mind there be an option to ban one civ from your matchups that you can select before every game, selecting it after you see the map and clicking ready. Then you’d have to get an option to drop the game or the opposite player would get asked to change civ or break the connection I suppose. Not sure how this would work in practice…

While I disagree Vietnamese are a problem on Nomad, I agree in principe that it could be nice for the host to be able to select a random civ pool in a lobby game. Some people seem to be responding as if this request was for ranked (?), which it wasn’t, and I don’t think we need this option for ranked games, either.