Remove French Age 2 Hulk

The armor change does nothing. It still provides an absurdly overpowered advantage, and makes hybrid water maps auto dodges

There’s literally nothing that even remotely can deal with a hulk or 2 in a tiny river on confluence

2 armor? Lmao who cares, have fun getting half your army 1 shot and any units passing by because you can’t stop this broken garbage

Does hulk have AOE?
Just build a tower.

It’s not just Hulk. Using any kind of combat ship and palisade can shut down any attempt to pass through a river crossing with land units until Imperial age. Power gap between land units and combat ships are too large, they shouldn’t be allowed in river maps.

The Hulk is now weaker than before. Build a few towers to defend your dock, and then upgrade to the castle age as soon as possible, you will have better ships to deal with them.