Remove intro chat to art of war

Simply put I like the elements of art of war to practice. However being forced to hear the intro 20-30 seconds every time I attempt the challenge is beyond annoying. Why is this being forced? There is already the hints and scout tabs. This seems like an unnecessary waste of my time to be pointed out that the first obstacle is a mangonel each time I attempt the formations challenge. Let me just get back to narrowly losing a unit before I complete it without rubbing it in every time


I think you must have tried it many many times for this to become annoying? A fast forward, similar to the introduction movies and stories in campaigns would be a nice to have, but since it’s a campaign (and like other campaigns), you cannot fast forward the campaign itself.

To be honest, I only see this being a problem if you use the missions as a day to day training tool, not after a handful of tries.

It’s always possible to create a custom scenario that fits your exact needs, for example to practice archers vs. mangonel.

Nah i can relate to OP. I hate being forced to watch /listen to something I don’t want to.

Its probably a flaw but it is what it is…

It’s all skippable. Skip the first bit by pressing the skip button. Then just click with the mouse to skip the next bit.

The cinematics must be separated from the challenges just like in AoE 3 DE’s Art of War so players who already watch the cutscenes can go directly do the challenges.

Aren’t they skippable already?