Remove Keshik and map monsters from game again

This is not league of legends.

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i would like them to remove longbowmen and hre man at arms as well.
Not to mention camel archers and horse archers.
and while we at it, no ghazi raiders, no grenadiers and fire lancers.

all we need is spears, horsemen and archers, nothing else.


Well I agree to remove monsters on ranked games because it’s a luck thing to find them.

Keshiks… Well then remove the heal of monks, the spirit way from China, heal from castles and kurultai. U probably mad about everything in this game when I look at your posts. You know, you can just leave the game, you don’t have to play it.


I agree that map monsters should stay on quick match only not in ranked games as its pretty much a luck thing.
Keshiks on the other hand are fine, they definitelyadd some flavour to mongols which was very needed. They are a buff to mongols in some ways and a nerf in other ways as they are not as effective at dealing with other heavy cav.

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Exactly, features like this should only be available for QM, not ranked.

I strongly disagree with the Keshiks being refreshing and nice and this and that.
They are CLEARLY overpowered.
The synergy with that whole civ is just bonkers.

Early lancers/knights were available for mongols in age2 in the beta and got REMOVED because they were BROKEN OP for mongols age2.
THe Keshiks have a reduced price and fill the niche of a spammable but super strong unit and if you save all stone until age2, you can just SPAM double batches (with stone) and overwhelm the enemy like anything or raid from 3 sides.
This is just stupid.
They #### pikes as well…

Dude if u save the stone u can 2 times produce keshiks double. That’s not SPAMMABLE. Really, it’s a learn to play issue.


I was surprised they put it in ranked, at least it is only in the two maps and fortunately it is not fully random.

It appears in the same time window and near the center of the map. It is also visible through fog of war so if you have scouted well then you will be able to find it when it does spawn.


Here on the forum we do not allow toxic behavior, especially against other users @Carry_Potter_woll

It should at least not be used for ranked.

The Keshiks are IMO a big problem in age2, the synergy is just way too strong with the core of the civ.
The critical mass early (very first minutes age2) is a big problem and dictates the game.
Against french royal knights you can at least make spearmen and defend yourself, because they take quite some time to train and are expensive, hence a bigger investment.

Just please remove heavy cav for mongols again, it just makes no sense for them to have this insane power spike early age2.
They dictate the game, especially in 2v2 and very soon behind that can start trading bc they have map control initually.
Please either revert this or UP their stone dbl production cost or anything.
Just do something about it, whatever it is.
Even early lancer with high stone dbl cost would be better, because they won’t get 4 or 6 of them super early.

You do not have to tell any user to seek professional help.

Seems like you have lost a large amount of matches against Mongols in Season 5
hahahaha XD!

I did not.
I said “professional help is ON THE WAY my friend.”
Professional coders gonna remove stupid units from game… hopefully.
Don’t twist the words in my mouth dude.

Yeah actually playing vs rus+mongol in 2v2 first placements with my friend.
Was pretty painful with abba english.
Got ranked into silver.
Carried back to plat now.

“We’ll get professional help you, it’s on the way friend!”

Likewise, try to lower the tone of the messages, because you have some threads like this.

I think map monster Ain’t That bad, it is not tiping the favor too hard, and can be counterable. Besides, you Can Ban those maps if you don’t like it.

Well my post about no zoom out was quite neutral honestly and still got deleted.

One is not allowed to talk about the zoom level here anymore right?

Since we are at it:

I’d wish for a more zoomed out camera in the upcoming hotfix.
Large amounts of players have been unable to launch the game since last patch, so I guess there will be a hotfix any moment.
The zoom level issue could be addressed at the same time.

Hopefully this post won’t be deleted again.

He removed your post in another thread…

I haven’t seen the comment in question in this thread, but it’s never what you’re talking about, it’s the way you say it.

You are not here to criticize the moderators. You have a warning.

How are you going to get censored for criticizing something in the game like zoom? The post has been deleted for wanting to “get a forum user some professional help”.

Respect the users, criticize the game you want (with respect) and there will be no problem.

Repost publicly criticizing moderation and action will be taken.

The patch has been live for less than a week.
Also keshiks dont feel any OP, they are still worse than french knights which now can two shot a villager.
I suggest you try playing mongols yourself ans give it a go so you can see how people deal with it.

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I thought this was going to be well thought out, but “this isn’t LoL” was about as disappointingly rudimentary a thought as one can have. Ooof…Both are fantastic changes with the overwhelmingly limited window we’ve had to observe them. Lets give it a few months.

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