Remove or nerf Incas Villager Blacksmith upgrades

I’m pretty sure I am not alone in this - Incas trush needs to be addressed. Their villagers are tanks that also kill other villagers and militia like tofu, It is completely and utterly broken in Feudal, especially after the recent palisade nerf. I could live with it if it was a Castle Age buff only, but at its current state I can’t honestly say that civ bonuses like this should even exist. At the very least, I hope the attack upgrade bonuses are removed. I can understand a civ having villagers with more survivability, but I see no reason for villagers to be better at harassing villagers than an army unit. Spanish have a tech that improves their villagers supremely, but it’s only allowed in Imperial Age. Here’s hoping something similar is done to Incas.

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You’re just listing what the bonus can do without mentioning any of the drawbacks and forgetting you own civ also has bonuses. You could make that kind of argument with any other civ, see:

Persian needs to be addressed. Their TCs are tanks that kill other TCs and militia like tofu. It is completely and utterly broken in Dark age, especially after the recent palisade nerf. I could live with it if it was a Castle Age buff only, but at its current state I can’t honestly say that civ bonuses like this should even exist. At the very least, I hope the HP bonus ais removed. I can understand a civ having +100 resources at start, but I see no reason for TC being better better at harassing villagers than an army unit. Lithuanian have a tech that improves their TCs supremely, but it’s only allowed in Castle Age. Here’s hoping something similar is done to Persian.


Trush nerfed a lot already. Use your scout well (explore enemy stone mining camp or check forward villagers). Create some army don’t go fast Castle.

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What are the drawbacks of the bonus then? Have you done an Incas trush, have you played against it? Is it fun? Feels perfectly balanced?

Since you ask me, yes I have played with and against tower rush and found it fun (before it was nerfed to death obviously). Since DE I have been tower rushed by Incas only once and it was pretty fun as well. My base was a mess full of towers, his base a mess full of scouts. Sounded balanced.

More objectively, Incas are considered balanced, you can go look at stats. If you don’t find tower rush fun then it’s your personal preference and I can respect that, but reading the forum it looks like almost everything in the game is not fun for at least one guy, and the game would be pretty dull if we balanced around that imo.


The best thing about if you get Inca rush is, that your opponent start to resign when he sees you reach castle age. Then he could not do enough pressure and die against Knights. :joy:

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Agreed, let’s not listen to those other guys, but make an exception just this once for me por favor :slight_smile:

On a more serious note however, while of course being a personal frustration, I think options for dealing with Incas trush is a bit limited in terms of other trushes which makes games with this sort of strategy in place frustrating and very messy. And also, I wouldn’t be surprised if people who only trushed with incas would see a huge spike in their win rate. Non the less if the community consensus is that ‘‘Bruce Lee’’ vils are acceptable, I won’t stand in the way.


It’s not OP. It’s just annoying. It made incas a meme civ. Wish it could be worked arround

The Incas rush depends on the Inca’s player more than anything and more than the Inca’s bonus itself. If you think it is easy to do it or keep winning with it easly then you are wrong. The Incas player if he want to do “Noboru’s rush” he will not send less than 8 vills and sometimes 10 vills forward to enemy’s base, so his eco will be so weak and he must be able to micro his vills very well in fighting and trush and at the sametime manage his eco and watch his base, so the more careful and skill an Inca player is, the harder it will be to play against him and try to stop him, and i will tell you what all pros have said about how to stop this rush.

1.Scout your enemy base, to know if he will do this rush or not and even if you didn’t find it once you see his vills in your base go immediately to stone.

2.Go Fast feudal like, 8:50, 9:15, 9:40.

3.Against every tower he try to build, build immediately a tower against it. towers on every resource you have.


6.Don’t keep defending in your base only, send troops to his base and kill his eco with counter attack

If you applied these steps very well you should be fine, and in general i agree with you that Incas rush is very annoying and also any tower rush in general but this is a strategy game and this is one of it’s strategies.

If the strategy was really strong it would see a lot of play in all major tournaments.
It does not.

You can take Equalizers advise and you’ll be fine but you can also counter by attacking the enemy at their base. The Inca Vill Rush build is really tight and their eco is super fragile…

It still is an ugly design and has nothing to be found in the game. Incas are totally overshadowed with this nonsense and ofc people dont play it because its bad design. You will just lose playing like that vs people that know what to do.

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I disagree, I am an Inca main with 100+ 1v1 Inca games and while the Vill Rush is challenging to pull off effectively it is fun to play.
I don’t think the strat is overshadowing the civs as most players (like myself) usually opt for a better strat such as MAA into Archers…

Did you ever ask you opponents ? And all the players that are not Inca main ???
You know aoe was never a game to main a civ, but ofc when you are so reliant on a strat then it might explain your enthusiasm towards it to keep it.

Yisus christ the lack of experience and level on some users is amazing.

Yes the Inca vill rush is OP in the hands of aggressive players, there is no way to stop it in wide open maps.

Simply because their rush if well done, starts with man at arms+tower removing the control of the map because a defensive tower can’t fight tower+man at arms and vills at the same time, the small window of the early push is what makes that strategy OP since archers are created slowly and by the time you get enough you would have been deprived of your resources and few vills.

In the worst patch ever released i mean the anniversary patch they said they fixed the towers attacking buildings instead of units/vills which in few tests i found that being a lie, the towers are still attacking a house even having 10 vills around.

Back to the incas, yeah it definitely needs to be nerfed at feudal age, it has been proved to be quite effective and there is no way to counter it properly, thatby itself justifies the nerf, please don’t compare a persian douche, you can just ignore the douche get to feudal one tower archery range and kill the player, fighting the tc wars is what kills you, but vs the inca rush is not about decisions that defines the game.

Why don’t you prepare yourself when saw your opponent is Incas? Build Lumber Camps back woodline, wall yourself and fast feudal Archers or Scouts build order depending on your civilization. Incas can build towers but with map generation and walls usually you don’t lose a lot of resources control.


Inca villagers are not OP. If they were, their stats would show an overwhelming win rate. Presently, the Incas are #3 for <1000 ELO and #5 for 1250-1650. They aren’t even in the top 5 for 1000-1249 and >1650.

Much like the Persian town center rush, the Inca tower rush is an unusual gimmick that works well in the hands of someone who has practiced it heavily against someone who has not. I empathize that it can be frustrating to be on the receiving end. However, I’ve also had my knights wiped out by someone with incredible crossbow micro. I was both salty and impressed.

If anything, I wish there was a way to practice certain defenses again the AI. That is, it would be nice to be able to chat-command the AI to tower or town center rush.


what is ur elo, i did not know it was so easy to stop it, imagine if viper would have known that when mr yo smashed with inca vills rush.

I didn’t get trushed by Incas (but I want). So it won’t give enough information to you.

Nobody told it is easy to stop it. Walls for delaying your opponent. If you can delay your opponent, you can easily win against his bad economy. Create archers with fletching when you are delaying opponent. He won’t be able to send his villagers forward and fight with your villagers and he will need fall back. Then you will have a lot of options like castle age knights or crossbowmen or full feudal archers/scouts.

Man your sound make it easy but it is not, this why we see Noboru smash 1.9k, 2k players with only this strat so much, only the ignorant says this strat is weak, i am with you that in low elos it will be stronger, but this strat still make even the top 10 players get annoyed and struggle and their game be messy as hell. I am not saying it is OP, but it is not weak at all even in higher elo, and now after walling was nerfed in the last patch, it is now completley removed to be a solution especially the Inca’s player will be in your base in 8 minutes with his tanky vills, what do you have in 8 minutes?!


Yes, it’s strong but not OP as you mentioned.

As you can see I am trying to don’t tell it’s not easy but writing has no feelings.

Trush makes everything messy. It’s enjoyable to watch.

8 minutes? Good fast Feudal Age timing is 9 minute. I really want to see game or build order. Early aggression all in strategy, like no mill all in archers. So you are playing for defending your base. It can be boring for some players.

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