Remove Readability Panels for Tooltips

There is an option in game settings to disable readability panels for game notifications, game objectives and player score however it does not affect tooltips. Please add an option in game settings to remove the readability panels for tooltips. I would like to have simple tooltips without readability panels like the original release and AoE II: 2013 (HD) because they use up the least possible screen space while still communicating basic info.


That would be a good option, I also brought it up during the beta however I do not anymore think that is the root of the problem. You are probably annoyed with tooltips popping up all the time when your mouse is within the gameview, when hovering on trees, units, buildings ect.

When you actually need tooltips, when hovering on icons, those black panels are not in the way (since you are looking at the icon you are clicking). In that case the even background can help improve readabillity.

Also it is important that the size of the panels only covers the text.

Feel free to give your opinion in this topic;