Remove Wonder win condition from Quick Matchmaking in 2vs2-4vs4 matches

It is pointless because enemies would build countless outposts and forts and train a full amount of soldiers to defend the wonder and the other guy would just farm and build a wonder. It is like sniping your enemy’s landmark without much risk…

So pointless and boring gameplay ever.
Please remove this nonsense…

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I’d say if one team is able to hold the game long enough to reach wonder and then defend it for 15 minutes without one player which is “farming to build a wonder” they are clearly better and deserve to win. They would probably win even without that condition.

However, I agree that the more players are in game building and defending a wonder is becoming easier. The solution could be “all players in team build wonder” or “50% of players in team build wonder”. Or make wonder’s price 3000 * number_of_players each resource instead. Or defend for 10min + 5min * number_of_pleyers.

*this shouldn’t be in “report a bug” subforum. It’s a feature request, not bug report.


It is quite a big part of the game. I do wish relic made an option to down vote maps that won’t allow wonders. Maps that are broken with wonders are the island maps. Never lost a island map when me and my mate wonder rush. Its just to hard to win the navy war and then win a piece of land to create barracks to produce units and win.

you can always take the sites and win before the wonder timer expires (10 min vs 15 min, respectively).

Feedback captured—thanks, all!

Yesthey need to let u pick on quick match different modes so if u want to play landmarks or sites or all three u can pick. Yes wonder victory is just boring and a cheap way to win and turtle in a corner. Not a fan of wonders at all.

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You cannot compare defending sacred sites to defending a wonder…

  • you need to secure multiple locations to defend sacred sites
  • opponent can take over just one sacred site and reset a timer
  • if you move all army to defend that one sacred site - they can attack in other place
  • sacred sites are mostly in the center of the map while wonder can be built in a corner with 3-4x better defenses (not splitted to multiple sacred sites)
  • in many maps there is not even enough space to make multiple keeps etc. to defend sacred sites easly while you are free to choose the best possible place to build a wonder

And the difference is just 5min. If one of sacred sites is close to enemies base it’s not so easy to control all of them.

I can say that I’ve never lost to sacred site condition in team games. Maybe once but they were soo much better that we’d loose whatever we did. If enemies are approaching sacred sites win in late game I simply build wonder. And take over one of sacred sites 3-4min before their times. And enemies have like 7-8min to destroy a wonder. They can’t retake sacred site anymore and have really limited time to destroy wonder because they focused on defending sacred sites.

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