Removed unnecessary technologies and effects from the data set

Hey guys, I recently created a Dataset from the original one WITHOUT MUCH CHANGES (the changes are listed below). The dataset is meant to remove unnecessary stuff from the techs and effects section in the Genie Editor, which are unused. I also simplified requirements of some Technologies which were messed up. The name is “reduced dataset” (in small) (mod no 15669).

The mod aims to reduce the size of the dataset, which is 3.64 MB now. Instead of removing the techs entirely for now, I just replaced them with a “new” blank tech. In future I may remove them as well. The Genie Editor is overloaded with unnecessary stuff, which makes it difficult for a dev/modder to find what he is searching for. The mod doesn’t affect the game as of now in any way in standard or multiplayer games, but has a few changes in campaigns.

Changes include:
Disabling throwing axemen disables bearded axe (why would I have this tech if I am unable to make this unit)
Disabling Cataphract disables Logistica
Disabling both monk and missionary disables inquisition, madrasah
Disabling fire galley disables Greek Fire

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I request devs to try it out and replace the original one with this one since there is literally no difference (haven’t tested much, but haven’t changed much either) as it removes unnecessary stuff.



Did you also fix the internal names to be easier to find, especially decays? Such as for hussar I have to simply search hussar and it shows Hussar and hussar_d but for champions it is heroi_d for paladin it is heroc_d, for cavalier it is paldn_d, it is unnecessarily confusing. I think the decay and original name should always be similar.

@StepS7578 this could be something to help modding in general. Tagging to catch your attention.

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I did not touch the unit section since a single addition or deletion which unknowingly is important can crash the game. Important techs and effects if removed will not crash the game and atleast will be traceable.

However, I shall use your suggestion and rename the dead units.

This is specifically annoying

Maybe they imported the model files from AOC and didn’t bother to change the name and just change the models (because of something like a code maybe?)

Just a thought

Yes, they actually used the kings dataset and created conquerers dataset on top of it, rather than creating from scratch. Then they used the conquerers data set to create the HD+expansions dataset. Now they used this dataset to create the DE dataset.

Only the AoK dataset was created from scratch.

I am not really into modding, but you meant to just clean up the dataset, so useless things arent part of the data set any more and names make sense?

Seems like if the data set is just 3.64 MB it doesnt really matter for the space. I think cleaning the dataset can help with fixing some bugs maybe. I dont know if cleaning the dataset really has impact on user mods. If things get renamed, then every modder need to redo this to make sure his mod still working, isnt it?

Cleaning doesn’t actually reduced bugs since I did not change things which were already working. I removed the Technologies which were never used or were added, but later changed.

Names in the effects and Technologies section were changed. The unit section was left untouched because slight changes can be game breaking sometimes.

Also some Technologies (civilization bonuses) were made easier to search for.

No. Units techs effects graphics are all linked by IDs(numbers) so it doesn’t depend on renaming.

Renaming legacy stuff and cleaning unnecessary stuff helps the new modders to get into modding. Finding stuff is easier when things are properly named and arranged.

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Yes, that’s what I meant. Unless you actually delete something from the units section, the IDs of the units are unchanged. Techs available in tech tree (like Paladin, Horse Collar) may be disabled for some civs which works by disabling the tech number, changing which can mess up the game. However, changing the order of civ bonuses (without changing the others) can be done. A strict warning to not change the tech numbers of Ages (Feudal age = 101, Castle Age = 102, Imperial Age = 103, 5th age (if available) = 104, Dark Age = 105/104).