Removing 3 villagers from Brit's homecity is definitely the most ridiculous change I've ever seen in a classic RTS game

distribuitismo sera ‘‘meta’’ ou virginia

Yes,the same,I have distributivism in the deck, I was saying it for the 3 villagers…

Sorry but my English is not good and I could not understand it well and I misunderstood, the translator himself misunderstood

It’s okay, I use it too xd…

The brits have been a strong and reliable choice for years, the manor boom is a safe and quick boom when compared to others. Frankly I’m tired of seeing brits being able to manor boom without consequence and the 3 vils will only delay it a bit. Now quit your bellyaching and go play germany or spain.


The long-standing memories and emotions of players are the foundation of the game’s community

You mostly lost me with the appeal to emotion. Rly? Next we should listent to turk, india, italy nationalists cuz its the same hole.

Its one card and they got buffs to the rocket vs infantry and devs are steadily making the rangers the best skirm type. Brits are goddamn fine.