Removing Sweden's Platoon Fire Card

Removing Sweden’s Platoon Fire Card

Remove Sweden’s Platoon Fire card. Carolean’s melee attack should have a 1.5x multiplier against cavalry. Carolean’s melee attack should have a 1.3x multiplier against shock infantry. So Carolean should have slightly more ranged attacks than musket infantry. Carolean should have slightly less melee attacks than musket infantry. In response to the removal of the Platoon Fire card, add 1 population Skirmisher to Sweden.



Removed: Platoon Fire card

Added: 1 population Skirmisher


Carolean’s ranged attack: 19 (1.5x heavy cavalry, 1.3x hand shock infantry)

Carolean’s melee attack: 20 (1.5x cavalry, 1.3x shock infantry)

Why though? Just leave it as it is.


sweden shouldnt get skirmishers, it was already a mistake giving them dragoons.


Beside, as now Swedes can get arguably the best skirm in the game with an infinite card…
Wittelsbach allies, ship 7 Mountain Troopers for 500 coin in age 2

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