Rename horse collar tech to "llama collar" for meso civs

if you can’t build a stable where do you get horses to put a collar on?

Seems a bit of change for the sake of change. After all, this is hardly the only unrealistic thing about meso civs.

And im pretty sure they didn’t use Llamas to plow

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Not only that but Mayan/Aztec llamas are just as ahistorical as Mayan/Aztec horses.


And Incas are not meso, they are south american


And they didn’t use the wheel for transportation, had no composite bows/crossbows, halberdiers, boats larger than canoes, heavily armored army, etc etc.

The game is the way it is. I’d rather have meso civs have completely unique unit/tech selection, like in AoE3, but one step too far with that and you start going into political correctness territory (like aoe3 de did), which has no place in videogames. Let’s just play and not think about it too much.