Rename the Sufi support card (war elephants for Indonesia)

This card should be renamed, now that the war elephants are no longer in the sufi temple

Furthermore, this card has no limit (seen on the AoE discord):


The Sufi are a part of the story of Indonesia. That’ll probably stay, at least in some form.

Regarding the infinite elephants, they add +1 each time you send the shipment. Your first one sends nothing, but augments the counter. Your second time, you get 1 elephant, then 2, etc. To get as many as this guy is showing, you’d have to play for hours. Even in 2+ hour games, the best I’ve ever done was 30 and by then, it was more than enough hp to simply overwhelm defenses.

I don’t think it needs to change. This is the one bonus you get with the Indonesian revolution that helps you offset the loss of the Age 5 techs and unit upgrades. The rest of your army is stuck at Age 4 levels.

And if you’re playing against them, well, you know what options kill cavalry. Use them. With this screenshot, it seems obvious that Portugal needs to be investing in dragoons and musks and Mexico should be spamming insurgentes and soldados while the others stock pile for the inevitable support they’ll be getting.