Renaming Cannon Galleons to Bombard Galleons and adding a new Cannon Galleon

I think it would be interesting if the Cannon Galleon was renamed to Bombard Galleon, because that is basically what it is, a shore bombardment galleon, and a new Cannon Galleon unit was introduced. The new unit could be more like some of the other games in the series, where it fires broadsides of Cannonballs, but it would have to turn and move slowly to make up for the fact that it can shoot on two sides at once. It would also need a slow reload speed. Although it could be weird, I think it could be an interesting mechanic to try. It could possibly be called a flagship and maybe have a limit of, say 3 existing on your side at once. What do people think? Any support at all?

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I’d live it in a modern, scenario, etc, but I have doubts about it fitting into game balance.

It is worth noting that current cannon galleons do have historical basis, much more so then giant ballista galleons.

This isn’t AoE3, though.


I know, I’m an AoE2 player, never played AoE3, never want to either. I just like the idea of the mechanic that AoE3 has for some of their boats.

That is cool but although I don’t care much about historical accuracy I do think that putting such boats in would be really stretching it. Would be like replacing the primitive gun of hand cannoneers with rifles. Would be silly.

I mean, if you can make them look like old boats but play like new ones then that’s okay but I don’t see how that’s possible because with the sort of firing mechanic you want it’s going to look out of place no matter what.

P.S. Mamelukes throwing infinite sabres looks silly and is anti-historical too but since that classic unit has been around since 1999 already it gets a pass for classic/nostalgic reasons. Also, Sandy Peterson came up with the mameluke and he’s basically God.


Well they did use breech loading chamber cannons on warships which had faster rof of fire but didn’t pack as much punch as muzzle loading cannons and if you were unlucky and didn’t secure breech enough it could fly out when you fired it. So solution would be it would fire either weaker cannon balls or hand cannoneer type of shots. I suppose this would be Galleon elite upgrade?

No. An entirely different unit that fires broadsides instead of straight on, but is slow and takes time to turn. It would require the current Cannon Galleon tech to be researched first.

Well they did fire broadsides unless they used swivel guns, which you could place anywhere. Swivel guns where even smaller and where meant against crew.

The current cannon galleons fire forward, and are good for shore bombardment. As I suggested in the OP, I think that the current cannon galleons should become bombard galleons, and the new cannon galleon fires broadsides.