Since when and why is the renegado nerfed so hard?

It was already barely used and now its even more trash.

It lost significant damage and even the cost is increased.

Can we have the old one back?


It was supposed to be a buff. They gave them 2 rate of fire instead of a powerful 3 rate of fire attack, and I think they lowered their pop cost a tiny bit too. If you are in a stationary battle that should be fine, however most early game battles are hit and run in the early game, making them useless. When it comes to renegados, they have always had a terrible initial fire animation which means that they were never really particularly good, cause they can’t kite very effectively.

In the case of pistoleros they got a 1.5 rate of fire as well but they suffer from the same problem mentioned above, plus they are even worse at their job, since they only have a 2x vs cav in melee, compared to a normal musk’s 3x multiplier (and only 12 melee attack compared to a normal musk’s 13).

One of my dreams is to see these units fixed and for devs to make them as viable as any African outlaw costing 2 pop.