Repeatable UTs with cooldown

Its currently hard to deny, that techs with one time effects dont see much love in the player base, no matte wich elo. Main reason is the severe issue to bslance one time effects in a game designed arround permanent upgraded. On the other hand, such upgrade give a civ an individual touch.

Considering this, I thought it might be cool, if (at least some) civs get repeatable UTs (for instance a change in flemish revolution to make it create a certain number of flemish militia and make that repeatable, either with a cooldown, or a higher cost for each further use or both).

Reapeatable techs would at least be much easier to balance than one time effects. Besides that, they would fit bettercin a game that is build all arround permanent passive boosts in the techtree.


Going further, what about temporal buffs techs?
I imagine something like Call for a Crusade for Catholics Civs, or a Yihad for muslim civ, etc…that gives temporal boosts for units, or buildings… It would add a new and interesting strategic layer imo

Personally I would really dislike that and rather have the single use UT reworked for permanent effects.


Yeah temporary buffs and repeatavle ut both sound as bad as one off techs. Id rather just get rid of the remaining one offs

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Yeah let’s make flemish revolution repeatable!
That’s all I got from this thread.

i agree with previous comments that i would rather rework existent one-time tech, as well as tech that serves nothing in 1 vs 1. honestly we could use a big patch completely devoted to change bad UT (eg stronghold…), UT with no or little 1 vs 1 effect (eg silk road), and one time UT (eg flemish revolution)

There are a lot of ideas people come up with on these forums that are interesting, but are far more the domain of mods/the scenario editor in terms of their ability to be balanced in the wide range of situations that is necessitated for online play. I think stuff like the triple-tech mod is cool within its domain, but I’d hate to see aspects of it included in regular play. Cool idea? Absolutely; go make a scenario with it. Good for online play as a whole? Highly, highly, highly doubt it. The more I hang around these forums, the more I come to realize that there is nothing in mods/editors/other games/peoples’ wildest imaginations so outlandish that some people will not somehow think is a great idea to add to the base game. You gotta know when to quit.

Don’t agree at all. The thing with something like Flemish revolution is that it can be very powerful, but at the cost of all of your eco (excepting fishing ships/trade units). Your win condition against a Burgundian player is to weather their use of the tech, whereafter your superior eco should carry you through. The ability to research even a nerfed version of this tech several times falls into the trap that most extreme type bonuses do, the line between crazy OP and useless being very thin.
Also keep in mind that these techs do have some lasting effects (ability to train Flemish militia, improved conversion resistance). Not huge effects, but they don’t have to be given how strong the one-time effect is.

This could be balanced around as, from one perspective First Crusade and Flemish Revolution play out similarly to how a “temporal buff” would work, but again, I think this is the domain of mods/the scenario editor.

Also, TBH, I don’t really get why people have such a negative reaction to the Flemish Revolution tech, beyond it being arguably OP in some situations. Apart from that, if it fits your playstyle, use it. If not, let it be. At very least it’s an interesting tech that can be very powerful. I’m all for fixing things that are just bad/useless, or very clearly OP in all situations, but some people seem to want to “fix” things that are merely not aligned with whatever arbitrary playstyle they’ve selected.

I think a Tech like the Flemish Revolution is fine, because it’s a revolt mechanic that fits the game and it’s a ‘panic button’ for a desperate strategy of a player. But Burgundians had 2 of such Techs, with one replacing your food with gold (too much weird tech for a game like this) which later was made tolerable switching only half but now turned into a normal Tech. This was too much.

Techs like First Crusade I think it’s bad because it’s a ‘feelsbad’ tech if the player does not get maximum value. All techs in the game make the player feel good, they get stronger, their army get better, but First Crusade it’s just a ‘free army’ button that you feel bad if you don’t get maximum efficiency.

For me, it appears that One Time UT have no place in a game like this and players are more happy when they have something that make their civ stronger in a unique way.

I am generally against this. It turns the game too much into a MOBA, and the new shield mechanic is cool and all (I approve of it) but is also as far as I’m willing to go with MOBAesque elements.

Because you are literally erasing your eco to create 100+ military units comparable to Champions to overwhelm the enemies. It’s not that balanced really.