Replace Macedonians, Carthagians and Palmyrans

Could be Nabateans as well

I’m referring to the intellectual arrogance of some of these people. It’s not about the value for history, I love history, I just think you people care vastly beyond 99 percent of the player base about historical accuracy and think your smarter than everyone else

How are they related?

These guys come in and comment on every topic with their weird historical factology and reasoning.
I don’t get the point when all the information needed is on internet and has been discovered a long time ago by historians and archaeologists.
This stuff just derails the topics and brings about certain type of toxicity when they try to discredit simple historical facts.

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The Scythian speak an Iranian language. They are as related as Russians and Croatians are.

There ya go, fresh example. This stuff needs cutting down.

A question was asked, I replied. But apparently if I don’t want to look like I think I’m smarter than other people, I should just shut up or pretend I don’t know the answer to anything. I’m sure it wouldn’t be toxic at all if people forced themselves to act this way because they don’t want to look like annoying nerds in front of the chad gamers.


No, they are from further north of the Caucasus…

Doesn’t change the fact they were neighbors

Yes, I think they will eventually get them (in AoE 1 obviously)…

Why should they have it?

Why should they have an Europe-inspired architecture set? They lived closer to Mesopotamia than to Europe.

I haven’t said anything about any European architecture set. If such a civ is introduced, it shoud probably have its own architure set
But, to be honest, considering this game has the Assyrians and ######## with Egyptian architecture, giving the Scythian a Greek or Roman architecture wouldn’t be worse than that.

I hope they add more civs and architecture sets and move Assyrians and Hitt Ites out of the Egyptian architecture

I think Nubians, Numidians and maybe Axumites (Ethiopians’ ancestors) could fit Egyptian architecture if they really want to use it for more than just Egyptians.

You didn’t but other people here did.

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If the Scythians do get added to AoE1, then if the Romans campaign is brought back and the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields is represented again, then the Scythians can represent the Alans, their descendants.

I’m hoping, on the AoE2 side of things, that the Alans get added in a Caucasus expansion and a Goar campaign is added, so we see yet another perspective of the battle.

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Sure, I agree…

Yes, I think the next dlc is going to be from the Caucasus or the Balkans…