Replace Object effect is bugged: HP no longer scale

Any information regarding this bug?

Still there after two major patches.


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the officials do not solve the problem about it since then.@Felizon89


generally takes about 6 months to a year for fixes… almost 6 months now so hopefully by next patch including the persian rework


May the gods hear our prayers

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I managed to make workarounds so I could finally publish my scenario (Valdemar - The Bloodfeast of Roskilde). But I know those workarounds don’t work for everyone.

My scenario uses “replace object” in two situations where hp matters/mattered:

  1. When my heroes Absalon and Valdemar mount and dismount at specific points, I had to add a “heal object” effect after “replace object”, to fully heal the mounted unit or remove the “surplus” hp from the foot unit.

  2. A temporary battle cry morale boost. The boost used to give all existing units of a certain class 30 extra hp through the “change object hp” effect (I chose hp because the “change object armor” effect was bugged back then). When the effect took off, the units would be reset by being replaced twice (e.g. Knight to Camel Rider to Knight). This also allows the units to benefit from upgrades afterwards.
    But since April, this reset does not work for hp, so my units just got permanently stronger with each battle cry. I fixed it by changing the bugged hp boost to an armor boost using the barely fixed “change object armor”.

But with the rate of new bugs appearing, I fear it’s just a matter of time before the next scenario breaking bug ruins the mechanic and sends me back to square one.

Yeah, that’s what I did as temp fixes in all my campaigns as well, but it’s still annoying in plenty of other instances, and there are new related bugs as well: like the Replace Object effect/Gaia units bug: Gaia HPs are affected by HP technologies, and scale/heal beyond HP limit.

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Not sure if I should start a new thread or if this is related somehow, but when you age up, incomplete gates get more HP than they should. When you continue building them, the HP goes back to normal. You get funny things like this:

Works for both Palisade and Stone Gates, so steps to take: 1) Build the gate, but don’t finish it. 2) Age up to the next Age (Dark to Feudal for Palisade Gates, Feudal to Castle for Stone gates). 3) Look at Gate HP after.


Yeah pretty sure it’s linked to the HP scaling beyond limit for the units (Gaia and effects of HP buff technologies, that grants HP beyond the unit HP limit upon research, like Blood Lines). Something’s off with HP (scaling and limits) in the whole game at the moment.

Been almost 6 months without any fix.

I encourage you to post your own detailed report into this thread I started:

It is obvious to me that those two issues are linked by the same cause.


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Happy six-months birthday, Replace Object Bug!
:birthday: :partying_face:

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Why don’t want to solve the problem?The officials should be deaf and blind!The forum needs you to change! @Felizon89

Basically players can simply build till 99% and leave it there to have a “better” wall

Yes, but the gate is just a wall then, as you can’t open it. I wonder now, if such a wall ends up having more HP and is brought down to let’s say 10 hp, will it just delete itself once a villager completes the build now…

Also, the unbuilt gate has no armor, so I wonder if it’s actually better against a mass of Archer units, and I’m guessing not.

Replace Object Bug fixed
I can hardly believe it, but it appears like Replace Object will finally be fixed with the next update :smiley:


this might only be trigger related, not sure if it affects the gate issue which involves no trigger

Where to see this infomation?

on steam, PUP section

Added second variations (different rotations) to all 3 Pavilions.



I finally had time to test it, and I can confirm that the Replace Object bug is finally solved :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if other HP related bugs are fixed or not, but I will mark this thread as solved, since the topic here is about HP scaling with the Replace Object effect.

going by the original post, april till nov just about 6 months

How lucky we are. only 6 months :slight_smile: