Replace Roman naval bonuses with a tower bonus

I think everyone can agree that giving the Romans naval bonuses was a completely out-of-left-field decision that doesn’t really fit the specialty of the Romans within the timeframe of the game, or even ever. I think a tower bonus would be much more fitting, not the least of which because Mediterranean Watch and Guard Towers are directly based on Roman observation towers. How fitting would it be to give them some kind of bonus to benefit their towers? After all, the Romans famously built a lot of towers. It would certainly be more fitting for them than weird naval bonuses.

New Castle Age UT:

  • Towers cost 125 Wood 50 Stone (cost flipped) and construct 2x as fast

Keep removed from their techtree.

The Slaves UT changes the Tower cost to 100 Wood 75 Stone but it also changes the Castle cost.

It would allow the Romans to have a decent counter measure against raiding but it wouldn’t really be useful for Tower Rushes because you have to construct a Castle first anyway.

I liked the idea except faster construction. I think even totally removing stone cost won’t be too OP if you remove Keep. They already lack Bracer, Arrowslits and Heated Shot.


Only wood might be OP on maps like black forest where wood is practically infinite.

You can cramp 16 towers in the same sport as 1 castle. You could easily fill the map with towers.

The faster construction idea was to difrencate it from the Slavs UT that converts 40% of the Stone cost of Towers and Castles to Wood.
An alternative could be an increased line of sight and maybe range (to match the one with Bracer but with less damage).
Basically good vs. raiders but bad vs. a real army.

Removing Keep is also for cosmetic reasons.
The Watch and Guard Tower look Roman, while the Keep doesn’t.

Also the Keep has more HP making it annoying to have to destroy many of them.

You’re right.

Very bad and weak effect as an UT. Maybe Celts Stronghold not affecting towers anymore and be a bit cheaper. And Romans get the same effect but for towers. Healing rate should also be lower than Celts. Another idea is simply reduce stone cost of towers without increasing wood cost. 50wood/75stone doesn’t sound too strong imo.

The idea of the increased Wood cost is to make them not to cheap in midgame but a lore more affordable in lategame.

Also Wood is the resource that is collected at the fastest rate so it’s always a little cheaper.

Making them 125 Wood 50 Stone on top of some other bonus would probably be pretty good.
Maybe +2 Range (so effectively only +1 range with out Bracer) could be nice. It would allow a lot of map control but without the firepower and range of Korean towers.