Replacing units without changing the data version?


New to modding, been playing around with changing some units with heroes and other cool stuff and whatever I do it always changes the data version aswell… So I cant use these in multiplayer.

Im using the S Graphic copy and paste in the advanced genie editor and I also remove the hero glow from some heroes and I change the icons. Any tips on how to do this without changing the entire data version?


I am trying to do the same thing. I think we can do something with the smw.files and play online as long as we dont touch data file. (only the texture) But i don’t know how it is working.
There are in: AoE2DE\resources_common\drs\graphics
Did you succed to creat your cutom unit ?
I want to edit non unique unit for the byzantin but without modifiy the data file it seems difficult …

(sorry for my english)

Maybe you manage to change graphics using SLX Studio.

Havent been playing for a while but I know now that you can simply change name of unit graphic files to replace them.

Sadly havent found a way to edit projectiles yet.