Replay previous games at different times

A new feature that allows players to replay a game starting at any time point. A player would watch a replay, and then be able to “Start a new custom game” from any point in the replay. Custom games created this way wouldn’t require all of the original players, but could instead be played with new players who would assume the role/position of one of the original players.

Players ranging from noobs to pros often end a game wondering “What if?”. What if I had clicked up sooner, what if I hadn’t taken that one bad fight, what if I hadn’t committed to that Daut Castle?

This replay feature would allow players to test strategies, improve their gameplay, and answer the never ending list of “what if’s” that keep us up at night.

It would also be a powerful feature for Pros and tournaments. Pro players could replay famous final round matches, revisit games to see if they could avoid a “throw”, and produce a long list of interesting new content for streamers and the community.


Yea hopefully FE revamp the spectator mode with more QoL features such as the one you suggested. This will also go handy with the Capture Age tool.