Replays available from top players

It would be really nice that we can take replays from somewhere of the top players last matches. I suppose it wouldnt be really hard to implement since you have dedicated servers where the matches are played and so u should be able to record them somehow.

This would help new players to improve a lot and is implemented in many other competitive games as CSGO, LOL, Smite, etc.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


This was already possible at Voobly. Current situation on DE is a step back. I dont know why they didnt include this feature in DE. I fully agree.

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I think, that it is important to consider, that every new game patch makes old replays incompatible, so you could view those replays until next patch comes.

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Yes is one of the bigs problema of DE, I think that is possible even if play game recorded with old patch, because you wont play only play

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Just wondering: How did voobly deal with this issue? Also on Voobly there were different data mod and patches. Games from one data mod / patch were not compatible with another. I never heard this was an issue on Voobly. So how does they fix that issue? And can DE devs fix the issue in the same manner?

From what I understand, when you click to watch a rec on voobly, it knows which game version to launch from the rec, and keeps game versions installed separately for this purpose.

The same strategy might be possible for DE, but DE takes up much more space.