Replays in AOE3DE

Hey all,

I was looking for a feedback section on the forums but did not find one. In any case I’ll just be opening this topic in this section because I feel it is most relevant.

Is there any way to improve the replay recording functionality in DE? It seems to save replays one at at time so if you grind the ladder a bit and then come back to your replays, there is only the last game that you played. That’s kind of bad, sort of a hassle to go back and save every replay worth saving.

Furthermore, it’s still doing the “recorded game 1” thing. I was hoping that with DE maybe they make it so that it’s both opponents/civs/maps or something. Recorded game 1 was archaic even back in the day. Or, at the very least, make it record 50 replays or something before overwriting old replays or something. 10 was okayish. 1 is not sufficient.

I don’t know. This is a rather important QOL feature for me and I’m sure many others.


It’s more than kind of bad. Good find!

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just had that problem too, super annoying. Also doesnt make sense to me why you only would want one replay…

Definitely the game needs a better replay system.