Replays loading screen is so sloow

I like to watch recorded games often, but it’s so annoying because my ‘Replays’ screen takes about 30 seconds to load. I have to wait so much for such a small thing. Can I fix this somehow?

If you delete some of your saved games and replays, then it should load faster

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I deleted 75% of them and it loads as slow.

I have the same problem.
I’ve deleted almost all saved games and replays and it still loads for almost 2min. It wasn’t so slow just after installation.
I know that this is an issue from March, but maybe someone have found solution to this?

Sorry for duble post, but problem is still very frustrating. What i have discovered is that loading menu takes longer (about 0,5s) to load with every saved game or replay. What is confising, is that total loading time does not change even if i delete all saved games. Game somehow still remembers how many games were saved. Currently it takes 5min to load list of saved games and replays. One month ago it was 2min.
There must be one more folder somewere that contains some info that causes this long loading time.