Replays minimap visual bug

Whenever you’re watching a replay and switch b/w players or b/w reveal map settings you can no longer see any icon in the fog of war already explored parts.

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This is so infuriating to me, it has been like this since the release of the game, they seem to not care about it.

Also when you pan the camera over an explored area greyed by the fog of war, the view is being updated; when you scout opponent buildings, forest being chopped, a mine that has drained; BUT when you switch between players POV, the view won’t update anymore, the image of that location doesn’t change, is always empty. The player needs to re-explore the location again.

Competitive game = Spectators
Fix spectator mode please!!

Thank you @Player048860904! I’ll get the team to check into this.

@IRCketchUP this one is already in our queue—I’ll update with your feedback.

Appreciate the reports!