Replays not working


If i play 3-4 games one game session at least one game cant be replayed afterwards without this error code: out of sync, world time191531. Next game it was error message with same text but different code 70106. It says it most commonly is caused by incompatible game versions and yes usually thats the case but now it is games i have just played so the game version is the same. Sometimes its many games in a row that gets these bugged replay files. It also happens to my friends who have played the same games with me so its not only my game not working. I cant download these replays from aoe2insights without getting bugged versions either from those same games.
Please fix this, replaying games is one of the most important features i think so you can learn from your opponents and your own misstakes and also from the succesful strategies.


Please fix this devs we need replays to work reliably.’