Reply is not working properly on this forum

The replying button under each comment in a post is not working. Say you click that button and post a comment, 9 out of 10 times it won’t be shown as a reply. Thus people don’t know who you are replying to. Please fix this.

Just testing. You are saying that this comment wont reach the forum?

No. I’m talking about this indicator.

As you see I’m replying to you, but this post doesn’t show it either.

Hey there! After some investigation, this appears to be the intended design of the forums. I’m going to call that little link a “context link,” since that seems to be its purpose.

The context link only appears when replying to any comment that is not the post directly above yours. This is because it’s not necessarily aiming to create a “thread” within the post, but to instead provide context for your response. That means that when the post is directly above your reply, the forum assumes you can gather that context easily and does not create that link.

We can investigate whether there is a better or more consistent way to display the link, but it will depend largely on whether this is hard-coded—in which case it will be difficult to change—or a simple formatting change.


As an example, if I respond to TrustedClover92 (now that his post is three replies above this one), it will display that link so readers can easily jump back to that post for context.

New knowledge learned. Thanks!

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Problem solved. Good to see people checking ot the forum issues.